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Best Royal Enfield Helmets: Style Meets Safety on the Road

Best Royal Enfield helmets: Looking for the perfect helmet for your Royal Enfield? Helmets are essential safety gear, but finding the right one can be tricky. Here's a breakdown of some top Royal Enfield helmet options to consider, focusing on safety features, style, and comfort
03:25 PM Apr 19, 2024 IST | Auto Desk
best royal enfield helmets  style meets safety on the road
Best Royal Enfield Helmets

Best Royal Enfield Helmets: Motorcycle helmets will always be an essential part of safety equipment for motorcyclists around the world. Wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle increases your chances of surviving a head injury. Riding without a helmet is not recommended as it could result in serious injuries.

Nowadays, many people like helmets that not only provide protection but are also stylish. To capitalise on this need, Royal Enfield came up with the idea of developing a customised motorcycle helmet for riders.

We recommend the best helmet from the leading brand Royal Enfield to look stylish on the road without compromising on safety. So, here are some of the best Royal Enfield helmets you can buy in India.

Best Royal Enfield Helmets: Prices

  • Royal Enfield Flip up Camo Helmet: Rs 1,820
  • Royal Enfield Open Face Helmet: Rs 1,833
  • Royal Enfield DS ESCAPADE Helmet: Rs 3,515
  • Royal Enfield Full Face Helmet: Rs 4,500
  • Royal Enfield Meteor Gold Helmet: Rs 3,900

Royal Enfield Flip-Up Camo MLG Helmet (Rs 1,820)

The outer shell of this Royal Enfield helmet is made from high-impact resistant thermoplastic with a glass-painted finish that has been UV-treated for enhanced durability. This is an open-face motorcycle helmet with a large visor and an inner lining made using high-density expanded polystyrene for better shock absorption. It offers enhanced performance and comfort during long journeys and contains a comfortable knit and mesh lining.

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Royal Enfield Open Face MLG Helmet (Rs 1,833)

Royal Enfield is known for producing sophisticated and modern helmets for riders. The outer shell of this open-face motorcycle helmet is made of high-quality ABS. This Royal Enfield open-face helmet features a high-density EPS liner for better shock absorption. The helmet visor is made using a high-strength optical-grade polycarbonate and features a hard coating for added scratch resistance.

Royal Enfield DS ESCAPADE (Rs 3,515)

This Royal Enfield aerodynamic motorcycle helmet with double support visor is perfect for your off-road excursions. It has ample eye protection and is lightweight. This motorcycle helmet also features jaw protection and is reliable and easy to ventilate. It is firmer during serious collisions and softer during small impacts.

Royal Enfield Full Face Helmet (Rs 4,500)

Royal Enfield Full Face Helmet is one of the best helmets in India. It features metal vents with classic aesthetics, chrome beading and visor frames. The helmet also offers a smooth-operating ball-bearded mechanism. This full-face motorcycle helmet gets a high-impact thermoplastic shell. It is composed of three high-density parts (head, cheek and chin) and an expanded polystyrene liner for better shock absorption.

Royal Enfield Super Meteor Gold Helmet (Rs 3,900)

This safety gear is among the best Royal Enfield helmets in India. The 1,400 gram helmet has a reduced weight, thanks to its retro-style metal vents, chrome beading and visor frames.

Whether you're an urban commuter or an avid adventurer, this motorcycle helmet is a combination of traditional styling and unique features that will fit you well and keep you ventilated during your long or short rides.

Disclaimer: Please note that helmet prices mentioned in this article are subject to change and may differ on Amazon.

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