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Royal Enfield Bullet Fire Leads To Tragic Explosion, Here's What You Should Do To Keep Your Bike Safe

In a recent incident reported at the Moghalpura Bhawanipura police station in Hyderabad, a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle caught fire while it was moving near Volta Hotel. In this article you will read some tips to protect your bike from catching fire.
11:10 AM May 14, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
royal enfield bullet fire leads to tragic explosion  here s what you should do to keep your bike safe

During summer, vehicles frequently experience fire incidents. A recent case from the Moghalpura Bhawanipura police station in Hyderabad involved a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle catching fire while in motion near Volta Hotel. The resulting explosion severely burned nine individuals, resulting in one fatality. Hospital staff are currently treating the injured.

Reports indicate that a Bullet motorcycle's engine ignited unexpectedly as it passed near Volta Hotel. Upon noticing the fire, the driver promptly leaped off the bike, saving his own life. Bystanders nearby also made efforts to put out the fire. A video capturing this incident has surfaced and is quickly gaining traction on social media platforms.

In the video, individuals can be seen attempting to extinguish the raging fire on the Bullet motorcycle. Suddenly, a massive explosion occurs in the bike's fuel tank, causing nearby people to be engulfed in flames and suffer severe burns.

Royal Enfield Catches Fire

The cause of the Bullet catching fire is currently under investigation. However, based on preliminary findings, it is suspected that engine overheating may have led to this accident. Reports indicate that the motorcycle rider had been operating the bike for an extended period. Upon reaching the Volta Hotel, the bike's engine suddenly ignited. The rider promptly abandoned the bike. Despite efforts using water, sand, and other means, the fire could not be contained.

Upon observing fire or smoke emanating from your vehicle, promptly distance yourself from the vehicle as it increases the risk of an explosion. Immediately notify the local fire brigade team and evacuate all individuals from the vicinity. It is crucial to prevent crowds from gathering to witness the burning vehicle. Regularly servicing your vehicle is paramount.

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