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Mahindra Scorpio N Plagued By Major Problem, Requires Immediate Attention

If you own a Mahindra Scorpio N made in 2023, contact the company showroom immediately due to a recall alert.
01:03 PM Jun 21, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
mahindra scorpio n plagued by major problem  requires immediate attention

Once again, there's news of recalls affecting the Indian car market, causing losses for both companies and customers. Mahindra has recently found a defect in its popular SUV Scorpio N, leading to a recall. The company will assist customers affected by the defect.

Mahindra's popular mid-size SUV Scorpio N, the top seller in its segment in India, faces another round of recalls. This action aims to re-torque the alternator pulley nut and steering input shaft, and to add additional clips to the transmission wiring of automatic units manufactured in 2023. The exact number of vehicles recalled by Mahindra has not been disclosed yet.

Mahindra is contacting customers through phone calls, text messages, and emails to inform them about the recall. Additionally, details about the recall are accessible on the company's official website. Customers need to provide their vehicle's VIN number to check if their vehicle is affected. They can also get information by visiting Mahindra's showrooms or service centers.

Mahindra will fix all recalled vehicles without charging customers. When a car is recalled, the company repairs it at no cost because the fault lies entirely with the company.

Earlier, Mahindra recalled Scorpio N SUVs due to a defect. In November 2022, the company recalled 6618 units to inspect the clutch bell housing in manual transmission models.

Price of the Scorpio N unveiled

Mahindra has offered significant discounts to sell off older inventory of the Scorpio N. The company is providing up to Rs 1 lakh off on the top Z8 model (diesel variant) and a flat discount of Rs 60,000 on the petrol model. The SUV is available with two engine choices: a 2.2-liter diesel and a 2.0-liter petrol. The price of the Scorpio N ranges from Rs 13.60 lakh to Rs 24.54 lakh.

In May 2024, Mahindra sold 13,717 units of the Scorpio / N, compared to 14,286 units sold in May of the previous year. Families appreciate the Scorpio / N for its suitability on long trips and its excellent safety features.

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