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Sunroof Cars Under 10 Lakh: Top Options Including Tata Punch and more

Looking for sunroof cars under 10 lakh in India? Explore the list of top options in India, featuring the affordable Tata Punch and several other hatchbacks & SUVs boasting this popular feature. Find your perfect combination of open-air feel and budget-friendly luxury
12:21 PM Apr 18, 2024 IST | Auto Desk
sunroof cars under 10 lakh  top options including tata punch and more
Sunroof Cars under 10 Lakh

Sunroofs in cars were once an exclusive luxury feature. However, they have now become common and can be seen in several mid-range cars. Sunroofs are still a selling point for many carmakers as they have gained popularity over the last few years. The sunroofs allow fresh air and natural light into the car’s cabin, giving an open-air feeling to the passengers. Many buyers desire sunroof cars but their high price becomes a concern for some. However, owning a car with a sunroof is no longer a dream for budget-conscious buyers as there are many options you can go for without breaking the bank. Here’s a list of some of the best sunroof cars under 10 lakh:

1. Tata Punch 

A micro SUV, the Tata Punch comes with the sunroof option. Tata offers this feature on 9 variants: Accomplished MT Sunroof, Accomplished Dazzle MT Sunroof, Accomplished AMT Sunroof, Creative Dual Tone MT Sunroof, Accomplished Dazzle AMT Sunroof, Creative Flagship Dual Tone MT, Accomplished Dazzle Sunroof CNG, Creative Dual Tone AMT Sunroof and Creative Flagship Dual Tone AMT. The Tata Punch comes with a price tag starting from Rs 8.24 lakh to Rs 10.09 lakh (ex-showroom).

2. Hyundai Exter 

Another micro SUV, the Hyundai Exter also comes available with a sunroof feature. Hyundai offers this feature on 11 variants of Exter: SX 1.2 MT, SX 1.2 MT Dual Tone, SX (0) 1.2 MT, SX 1.2 AMT, SX 1.2 AMT Dual Tone, SX 1.2 CNG MT, SX (0) 1.2 AMT, SX (0) Connect 1.2 MT, SX (0) Connect 1.2 MT dual tone, SX (0) Connect 1.2 AMT and SX (0) Connect 1.2 AMT dual tone. It comes with a starting price of Rs 8.23 lakh which goes up to Rs 10.27 lakh (ex-showroom).

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3. Tata Altroz 

The Tata Altroz ​​​​​​is a hatchback model and is the most affordable offering with a sunroof feature in India. Tata offers this feature on 17 variants of Altroz: XM (S) Petrol, XM Plus (S), XM Plus (S) iCNG, XMA Plus (S), ZX Plus (S), XM More (S). Diesel, XZ Plus (S) Dark Edition, ZX Plus (O)(S), XZ Plus i-Turbo (S), ZX Plus (S) iCNG, XZA Plus (S), Edition, , XZ Plus (S) Diesel , XZ Plus (O)(S) iCNG, XZA Plus (O)(S) and XZ Plus (S) Dark Edition Diesel. It comes with a price tag ranging between Rs 7.34 lakh and Rs 10.73 lakh (ex-showroom).

4. Hyundai i20 

Another hatchback boasting a sunroof option is the Hyundai i20. This feature is available in four variants of i20: Asta 1.2 MT, Asta 1.2 MT Dual Tone, Asta (0) 1.2 MT and Asta (0) 1.2 MT Dual Tone. The Hyundai i20 is priced in the range of Rs 9.33 lakh to Rs 10.17 lakh (ex-showroom).

5. Mahindra XUV300 

The Mahindra XUV300 is an SUV with a sunroof feature. The four variants that are offered with the sunroof feature include W4 1.2 Petrol, W6 1.2 Petrol, W4 1.5 Diesel and W6 1.2 Petrol AMT. Prices range between Rs 8.66 lakh and Rs 10.70 lakh (ex-showroom).

So, this was the list of the top Sunroof cars under 10 lakh to help you choose the best one. Meanwhile, those looking for affordable and big family cars can check this article on Best 7-Seater Cars Under 12 Lakh. And those desiring to go for sustainable mobility without burning a hole in their pockets can read our article on Top electric cars in India under 10 lakhs.

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