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Upcoming Royal Enfield 350 Classic Bobber 2024: Know All Now

What is so special in the upcoming Royal Enfield 350 Classic Bobber? Check the top 5 highlights, expected price, and launch date. Check patent image leak details. Keep scrolling down for more information.
11:43 AM May 10, 2024 IST | Auto Desk
upcoming royal enfield 350 classic bobber 2024  know all now

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Bobber is a highly anticipated motorcycle in India. Many reports claim that this upcoming Royal Enfield bike will be launched in June 2024. Its expected ex-showroom price is around Rs. 2.30 lakhs, thereby positioning it above the Royal Enfield Meteor 350. 

The upcoming Royal Enfield bike is a bobber-style motorcycle. Its engine and features are based on the Royal Enfield Classic 350. This upcoming Bobber motorcycle will be more expensive than the existing four 350cc Royal Enfield motorcycles in India, which are:

  1. Classic 350
  2. Bullet 350
  3. Hunter 350 
  4. Meteor 350

Experts believe that the Royal Enfield Classic 350 Bobber motorcycle is going to be Royal Enfield’s most expensive motorcycle in the J-platform-based 350cc motorcycle portfolio. 

Earlier Spy Images

Though the Classic 350 Bobber will have similar styling as the Classic 350, the upcoming Bobber will come with:

  • A taller ape-hanger-style handlebar
  • A single-piece saddle
  • Cycle parts having blacked-out treatment
  • White-wall tyres

These are the 4 most distinctive aspects that will distinguish it from the Royal Enfield Classic 350.

Available spy shots also reveal that the upcoming Royal Enfield 350 Classic Bobber motorcycle will have standard single-seat arrangements. It has been seen during the test. An optional split-seat setup has also been seen in some spy shots. However, the pillion seat looks small and uncomfortable. 

The most visible part of the spy shot is the new handlebar. The ape-hanger handlebar offers you a relaxed riding triangle. 

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Recent Patent Image Leak: 5 Important Highlights

1: Seat Setup

The patent image leak reveals that the Royal Enfield 350 Classic Bobber will have:

  • A true Bobber-style single-seat setup
  • A dual-seat setup

In the dual-seat setup, you may attach a removable rear subframe, accommodating the pillion seat. The pillion seat can be removed. In that case, the subframe will act as a tail rack.

The upcoming 350 Classic Bobber will come with the split grab rail. This is a new feature that you have not seen in the currently available Royal Enfield bikes. 

2: Ape-hanger Handlebar

It complements the styling of the upcoming 350 Classic Bobber. It is taller than the currently available flat handlebar of the Classic 350 model, which essentially complements the styling of the upcoming motorcycle. The main advantage of the ape-hanger handlebar is that it offers you with a slightly relaxed rider triangle. 

3: White-Walled Tyres

The spoke wheels come with white-walled tyres. Eicher Motors has incorporated this feature mainly for aesthetic purposes. When you ride the Royal Enfield 350 Classic, the white-walled tyres will enhance the appearance of the Royal Enfield 350 Classic Bobber. 

4: J-series 349cc Engine

The upcoming 350 Classic Bobber will come with the same 349cc, J-series engine that you can also find in the four existing lineups such as the Meteor 350, Hunter 350, Bullet 350, and Classic 350. A five-speed gearbox is attached to the 349cc, J-series engine. This engine produces a 20.2bhp power and a torque of 27Nm.

5: Additional Features

The most anticipated features that you are likely to see in the upcoming Royal Enfield 350 Classic Bobber are:

  • Dual-channel ABS
  • Bulb illumination
  • Analogue console with an LCD inset
  • Tripper-Navigation dial

In addition, you will also find dual rear shocks, telescopic front forks, and a disc brake setup (both front and rear) in the hardware. 

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Final Words

You should buy the upcoming Royal Enfield 350 Classic Bobber if you are looking for a stylish midweight motorcycle that offers you with cruising experience and easy riding. Once it is launched, expectedly in June 2024, it will compete against Jawa 42 Bobber and Jawa Perak. 

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