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Yamaha RX100 and RD350: Will These Retro Legends Make a Comeback?

Calling all Yamaha fans! The legendary RX100 and RD350 might be getting a modern makeover! While a true RX100 revival seems unlikely, Yamaha is hinting at a new 'RX' model honouring its legacy. Rumours swirl about a possible RD350 return as well.
02:30 PM Apr 03, 2024 IST | Auto Desk
yamaha rx100 and rd350  will these retro legends make a comeback
Yamaha RX100 and Yamaha RD350

The Yamaha RX100 and RD350 are among those legendary motorcycles that trigger the feeling of nostalgia and anticipation whenever they are mentioned during a discussion among bike enthusiasts. For motorcycle enthusiasts, these iconic retro machines remain a heartthrob. These legends that once roared on the Indian roads often leave bike lovers wondering whether these timeless classics will ever make a comeback! Are you also anticipating the launch of RX100 and RD350? Well, let’s find out the scope of their return.

Can Yamaha Recapture the RX100 Magic?

While this piece of information might be heart-breaking for many, Yamaha had in 2022 made it clear that reincarnating the original bike with a modern touch will be challenging, a report in thehindubusinessline.com said. Speaking to a publication, Yamaha India’s Chairman, Eishin Chihana developing a BS6-compliant engine will be a challenge, while revealing that the name tag will be given to an upcoming model. Chihana said the decision not to relaunch the RX100 brand is based on the desire to preserve its sentimental value. 

Furthermore, he said that the motorcycle could be launched only after 2026. The good news is that Yamaha is reportedly working on a motorcycle carrying the name ‘RX.’ This indicates that the bike manufacturer understands enthusiasts' emotional connection to the RX100 heritage. 

Yamaha has also recognised how challenging it would be to live up to the RX100's iconic status. And that's why the brand is currently focused on developing a modern motorcycle honouring RX100’s legacy. The legend ruled many hearts in the 1990s with its superb performance, lightweight body, and with 100cc two-stroke engine, it is a true ‘pocket rocket.’ Notably, an RX100’s successor must meet certain benchmarks, including an engine size of at least 200cc to match its level of performance.

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So, for now, you can only expect an RX-branded motorcycle with several qualities of the RX100, but not the real one.

D350: Will Yamaha Bring Back the King of the Streets?

Meanwhile, rumours have been circulating for a while now about a possible return of the Yamaha RD350. Yamaha Japan recently trademarked the names RZ350 and RZ250, which sparked speculation about the launch of a modern 350cc bike. Motorcycle enthusiasts around the world are wondering about a possible revival of the RD350, once popular for its amazing performance and timeless design.

Modern Interpretations: How Yamaha Might Reimagine RX100 & RD350

So, Yamaha has officially ruled out a new RX100. And if Yamaha makes these returns official, you can simply expect modernised versions of the RX100 and RD350. However, most likely the new RD350 or RZ350 will seek to capture the essence of the original model. The company will still provide modern advancements to engine technology and design to meet the requirements of today’s motorcycle enthusiasts.

The Yamaha RD350 was once known as the ‘King of the Streets’ due to its powerful two-stroke twin-cylinder engine and agile handling. It has become a cult classic among riders because of its exceptional performance and distinctive exhaust note. Fans will expect the company to offer all the features mentioned above in the new model.

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