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Impact Feature: New Kid In The Block Disrupting Study Abroad With Strategic Partnerships

Raghav Gupta, through his innovative Futurense US Pathway program, disrupts traditional study abroad models by fostering strategic partnerships, offering scholarships, and streamlining master's degrees for Indian talent.
09:23 PM Feb 29, 2024 IST | Aniket Raj
impact feature  new kid in the block disrupting study abroad with strategic partnerships
Raghav Gupta

In the fast-paced world of innovation and entrepreneurship, few names stand out as brightly as Raghav Gupta. At just 24 years old, Raghav has already made a significant impact on the landscape of talent development in India through his brainchild, Futurense Technologies.

Raghav Gupta

Raghav Gupta

Futurense Technologies is not your typical upskilling platform. Unlike traditional models that require individuals to invest significant sums of money in their upskilling courses, Futurense takes a radically different approach by paying talents to learn. This groundbreaking concept has shattered barriers for individuals hailing from tier 2 and tier 3 cities, who previously may have been unable to afford the cost of upskilling.

However, Raghav's vision extends far beyond domestic borders. “Studying abroad is an experience that profoundly changes the trajectory of a student’s career and offers an apt blend of exposure, diversity, and independence,” he shares in his recent post. 

Recognizing the immense value of international education and its potential to transform lives, Futurense has ventured into the study abroad arena with the launch of Futurense US Pathway. This innovative program establishes strategic partnerships with renowned Indian institutions like IIT Jodhpur and IIM Indore, as well as top-ranked universities in the United States like Case Western Reserve, DePaul, Drexel, Rutgers, SUNY Buffalo, and more in the pipeline, to provide a seamless pathway for master's aspirants.

So, what sets Futurense US Pathway apart from other study abroad programs? For starters, the program allows students to complete 30% of their coursework online with Indian institutions like IITs and IIMs, offering flexibility and convenience while saving both time and money. Moreover, with guaranteed scholarships and waived entrance exams, Futurense US Pathway significantly reduces the financial burden on students, slashing total expenses by over 50%.

Another key advantage of the program is its accelerated timeline. By condensing the duration of the master's degree by six months compared to traditional ways, Futurense US Pathway enables students to enter the workforce sooner with prestigious qualifications from top-notch institutions in both India and the US.

At the core of Futurense US Pathway’s success is Raghav Gupta's visionary leadership. Raghav recognizes the abundance of untapped potential within India's talent pool. He understands the challenges faced by aspiring individuals, especially those from underservedcommunities, and sought to bridge the gap by democratising education and providing equal opportunities.

“According to recent trends, India is witnessing a significant surge in the number of students pursuing master's degrees in the USA and will surpass China in sending students to the U.S. for higher education by 2025. Unfortunately, studying abroad has evolved into a societal privilege, inaccessible to the majority of Indians due to exorbitant tuition fees, complex systems, and high entry barriers.

The numbers were distressing and something had to be done to make the US Master’s and its job market available to all deserving candidates in India. This is why we created India’s very own Pathway program,” Raghav clarified in his recent interview.

Raghav's decision to focus on India's talent pool makes practical, financial, and logical sense. India boasts a vast and diverse talent pool, making it an attractive resource for entrepreneurs like himself to tap into. By investing in talent development within the country, Raghav not only addresses social and economic disparities but also aligns his business objectives with broader societal goals.

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