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India's Befitting Reply To China; Becomes The World's Fourth-Largest Stock Market By Defeating Hong Kong

Indian Stock Market grew significantly last year. Experts predict that central banks throughout world will decrease interest rates this year.
10:59 AM Jan 23, 2024 IST | News24 Desk
india s befitting reply to china  becomes the world s fourth largest stock market by defeating hong kong

India has become the world's fourth-largest stock market. India has reached the top four for the first time, defeating Hong Kong. The total value of shares listed on Indian markets has hit $4.33 trillion, while the value of the Hong Kong stock market has fallen to $4.29 trillion. In this way, India has become the world's fourth-largest equity market. On December 5, the Indian stock market topped $4 trillion for the first time. Approximately two trillion dollars have been contributed to India over the previous four years. India is the world's fastest-growing big economy. Furthermore, economic changes have made India a popular destination for international investors. Currently, America is the largest stock market in the world whose a value is 50.86 trillion dollars. China is in second place with $8.44 trillion and Japan is in third place with $6.36 trillion.

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Indian Stock Market From Past 1 Year

Indian stocks grew significantly last year. Experts predict that central banks throughout the world will decrease interest rates this year. This will boost investor confidence and propel the Indian stock market upward. Investors are waiting for the interim budget announcements, which will be announced on February 1. Investor confidence has also risen following the BJP's victory in the recent assembly elections.

If the BJP-led NDA wins the general elections for the third time in a row, the country's economy is predicted to grow even faster. Last year, India's equity markets increased for the eighth year running. On the other hand, Hong Kong's Hang Seng has decreased for the fourth straight year, while China's Shanghai Stock Exchange has also declined for the second consecutive year.

India Defeats Hong Kong 

China has encountered numerous economic challenges, which have also impacted Hong Kong. There is great pressure on American investors to cut their stakes in Chinese enterprises. Global investors expected China's economy would improve after the Corona restrictions were relaxed, but this did not happen. China's real estate market is in grave distress, and individuals are avoiding investing money. It is said that China is locked in a recession. Chinese real estate enterprises have secured large loans from overseas investors in Hong Kong. Its impact is also obvious in Hong Kong.

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