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Insuring Against Unexpected: Monkeys, Elephants, and Coconuts Spice Up India's Car Insurance Claims

Angry peacocks pecking at their reflection on cars were reported as a cause of damage, adding an unexpected twist to the list.
09:03 AM Jan 18, 2024 IST | Saurav Gupta
insuring against unexpected  monkeys  elephants  and coconuts spice up india s car insurance claims
Car Insurance

In a testament to the diverse and unpredictable nature of the Indian landscape, insurance companies in the country have found themselves grappling with some truly unusual motor accident claims. From coconuts unexpectedly landing on cars to stray dogs causing vehicular mayhem, 2023 brought forth an array of incidents that ranged from comical to downright bizarre.

Car Insurance - Unusual Claim Scenarios: A Recap

Coconut Casualties and Unruly Jumbos:

Coconuts taking a dive onto unsuspecting cars became a surprisingly common occurrence, leading to some head-scratching claims.

Human-elephant conflicts in states like Assam, West Bengal, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu resulted in claims for damages caused by stressed elephants venting their frustration on vehicles. More than 20 such claims were reported, highlighting the unique challenges faced in these regions.

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Dogged Disruptions:

Stray dogs emerged as a growing concern for insurers, with one particular area—Indira Nagar in Lucknow—witnessing a staggering 110 cases of vehicles being damaged by these four-legged culprits. The frequency of such claims underscored the issue of stray dogs causing damage to vehicles.

Car Insurance - Peacock Peculiarities and Constructive Total Loss:

Angry peacocks pecking at their reflection on cars were reported as a cause of damage, adding an unexpected twist to the list of animal-related claims.

In a peculiar incident, a car was irrecoverably lost in a gorge at a construction site, leading to it being settled as a constructive total loss.

Monkey Business and Showroom Surprises:

Monkeys dropping objects on cars featured in insurance claims, showcasing the quirky challenges faced by vehicle owners.

A noteworthy incident involved a car buyer inadvertently driving a newly purchased vehicle right through a showroom glass—an unexpected scenario that added a touch of humor to the insurance landscape.

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Car Insurance - Insights from Insurers: A Year-End Round-Up

While the most common claims still arise from traditional accident scenarios such as rear-end collisions and frontal impacts, these offbeat claims highlight the diverse and sometimes amusing challenges faced by insurers in the Indian market. As insurers navigate through these unique cases, it adds a humorous twist to the otherwise routine world of motor insurance.

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