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Shark Tank India: Five Startups That Became Successful After The Show

Shark Tank India, the desi transformation of the worldwide peculiarity, has turned into a platform for endless aspiring business visionaries. Here are such 5 Indian startups that became big after appearing on the show
04:44 PM Mar 02, 2024 IST | Finance Desk
shark tank india  five startups that became successful after the show
Shark Tank India

Shark Tank India tosses hopeful entrepreneurs into the "Shark Tank," where they face a board of seasoned financial backers, looking for funding, mentorship, and an opportunity to sling their endeavours onto the public stage. Today, we dive into the inspiring accounts of five Indian startups that survived the scrutiny of the Sharks and emerged successful, transforming their initial pitches into flourishing companies.

1. Skippi Ice Pops: From Provincial Pleasure to National Craving

Skippi Ice Pops entered Shark Tank India with an invigorating proposition - handmade, all-natural ice pops made with real fruit. The founders, Anuja & Ravi, captivated the Sharks with their unique flavours and commitment to quality. They hammered out a deal with all five Sharks, securing a total investment of Rs 1 crore for a 15% stake in the company.

Before appearing on the show, Skippi was primarily a regional player, registering sales of Rs 4-5 lakhs each month. However, the Shark Tank effect propelled them to national prominence. Their monthly sales soared to Rs 70 lakhs, and their website traffic saw a transient rise, jumping from 150 visitors per day to a staggering 8,000. Skippi's success story highlights the power of public exposure and the ability to leverage the expertise of multiple investors.

2. Auli Lifestyle: Embracing Ayurveda for Modern Beauty

Aishwarya Biswas, the founder behind Auli Lifestyle, presented her vision for cruelty-free, Ayurveda based skincare products on Shark Tank India. Her dedication to natural ingredients and traditional Indian practices resonated with Namita Thapar, who offered an investment, paving the way for Auli's growth. Before the show, Auli's monthly sales hovered around Rs 10-12 lakhs. However, the post-Shark Tank investment saw a significant leap, with sales doubling to Rs 30-37 lakhs monthly. The brand secured retail distribution deals, including a presence in all Miniso stores across India. Additionally, Auli launched a new line of affordable products, catering to a broader audience. This story illustrates the potential of using traditional knowledge and practices for success in the modern market.

3.Get A Whey

Jash and Pashmi Shah started the organisation in 2018 subsequent to being roused to foster a better option in contrast to customary frozen ice cream. Get A Whey is an unmistakable Indian Ice cream company known for its protein-pressed, low-sugar contributions. Get A Whey items incorporate whey protein, a total protein that is vital for muscle building and fix. The ice creams made by the firm are likewise coming up short on sugar and calories, making them a righteous delight for any individual who needs to stay in shape and sound. Get A Whey is recognised by its huge scope of flavours. The brand gives both standard flavours like chocolate and vanilla, as well as additional inventive flavours like salted caramel and peanut butter cup. Get-A-Whey likewise has vegetarian and keto-accommodating decisions.

In 2021, Get A Whey showed up in the Indian unscripted tv show Shark Tank India. The organisation's originators pitched their firm, requesting INR 1 crore as a trade-off for 8% value; notwithstanding, they were countered with a proposal of INR 1 crore for 15% value, which they accepted. Get A Whey has developed fundamentally since appearing on Shark Tank India. The firm has expanded its conveyance to 45 areas in India and has presented another item range that incorporates ice cream sandwiches and popsicles. 

4. Tagz Foods

Tagz Foods, a startup founded in 2019 by Anish Basu Roy and Sagar Bhalotia, is aiming for big things. They are a Gen Z focused healthy snack brand known for their popped potato chips, an alternative to the typical fried and baked options. The popped chips brand got a deal for Rs. 70 Lakhs for 2.75 percent equity. After appearing on the show, the company has witnessed a 3X growth. Their success on Shark Tank India (Season 1, Episode 2) helped them secure funding and they are now setting their sights on becoming a 1,000 crore business in the next 2-3 years. From being a popped chips brand, they have extended to other products like dips and chocolate cigars. They now have distribution in 20 Indian cities and Dubai, Kuwait, and Australia, which was restricted to 6 cities before the show. They have also started six manufacturing units now.

5. Revamp Moto: Giving Used Bicycles a Second Life

Jayesh Tope, Pushkaraj Salunke, and Pritesh Mahajan, the originators behind Revamp Moto, entered Shark Tank India enthusiastically while attempting to revolutionise electric vehicle space with focus on B2B customers. The Sharks, intrigued by their exceptional methodology and obligation to supportability, offered them an aggregate speculation. Following the show, Revamp Moto encountered a flood in brand mindfulness and client requests.

These five success stories from Shark Tank India stand as testament to the power of innovation, perseverance, and the ability to truly leverage the platform. Each entrepreneur carved their own unique path, showcasing the diverse landscape of Indian business and its vast potential. As Shark Tank India continues to pave the way for aspiring entrepreneurs, it's certain that the future holds countless more stories of grit and determination.

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