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Stay Alert: ATM Scam Spells Financial Disaster For Unsuspecting Victims

Fraudsters are ensnaring individuals using a variety of tactics, including a scam that targets ATM users. These scammers post their phone numbers near ATMs, leading people to confuse them for legitimate customer care numbers. In a recent incident, a victim lost a significant sum of money due to this deception.
02:00 PM Apr 05, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
stay alert  atm scam spells financial disaster for unsuspecting victims

Recently, scammers employed various tactics to ensnare people, as was the case with a woman who fell victim to ATM fraud. This incident took place at the beginning of the month, involving a resident of the Mayur Vihar area in Delhi. The victim went to the ATM to withdraw money.

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How Do ATM Scams Take Place?

While attempting to withdraw money, the victim's card became stuck in the machine. Subsequently, when the victim contacted the helpline number, scammers deceived her, resulting in a loss of Rs 21 thousand. The entire incident sheds light on how scammers are manipulating people.

At the start of this month, the victim attempted to withdraw money from the ATM, only to have her card become stuck due to the absence of a guard at that location. In a social media post on platform X, the victim disclosed discovering a number posted on the ATM wall.

A bystander outside the ATM informed the victim that the provided number was that of the agent. Consequently, the victim contacted that number, where the fraudulent agent instructed her to remotely deactivate the ATM in order to retrieve her card. The scammer provided a series of steps for this process.

Despite following the instructions given by the fake agent, the victim's card remained stuck. The scammer assured her that engineers would retrieve the card the next day. Subsequently, the victim discovered unauthorized withdrawals from her bank account, and her  card was not returned.

To escape such scams, one should inform the police, who then register a complaint and initiate an investigation. You could also fall victim to such fraud. Since ATM cards can often get stuck in machines.

There are several precautions you should take:

- Never trust numbers written on ATM walls. If your card gets stuck, contact your bank directly. Obtain the number from the bank's official website.
- Do not trust anyone with your ATM pin.
- If someone asks you to follow specific steps, do not proceed blindly. Pay attention to the instructions and understand their purpose.
- In case of fraud, promptly inform your bank.
- File a police complaint regarding ATM fraud.

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