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Stellar Performance! Tata Group Grows BIGGER Than Entire Pakistan Economy

The giant Tata Group that truly believes in philanthropy more than capitalism has risen to the market value of $365 billion. This terrific figure is bigger than that of Pakistan's entire GDP. TCS alone accounts for half the GDP of the neighbour state.
04:17 PM Feb 19, 2024 IST | Riwa Singh
stellar performance  tata group grows bigger than entire pakistan economy
Tata group

The plunging economy of Pakistan has been making news for the last few years. Especially in 2023, the neighbouring state suffered its lowest dip. Attacked by floods and inflation left, right, and center, even the basic needs were a dream for the state that's surviving on the mercy of IMF and other funding agencies.

As per the report of The Economic Times, the market value of all the Tata group companies combined has surpassed Pakistan's GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The detailed report enlists how more than a dozen companies of one of the oldest Indian conglomerates have fetched terrific returns in one year on the stock market, the combined value of which exceeds the economy of Pakistan.

Tata bigger than Pakistan

Pakistan's GDP estimated by the IMF stands at around $341 billion whereas as per the ET report, the total market capitalization of the Tata group is around $365 billion. Only TCS, the IT wing of the giant group accounts for $170 billion which is half of Pakistan's economy.

Trent scores terrific

While all the companies from salt to software and gold have contributed to this massive surge in the market value, the biggest chunk of contribution has come from Tata Motors and Trent. The shares of Trent were catalyzed at 200% whereas Tata Motors gained 110% in just one year.

More to come...

According to ACE Equity Data, out of 25 Tata group companies listed on the stock exchanges, only Tata Chemicals is down by 5% in a year. It is noteworthy that there are a handful of companies that haven't been listed, like - Tata Sons, Tata Capital, Air India, etc. If all of these are considered, then the total market value of the Tata Group will see a substantial elevation.

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Tata Group is an organization that runs as a family. The group doesn't treat colleagues professionally but stands by them through thick and thin. Layoffs are very rare thing in any company under the umbrella of Tata Group. It truly believes in philanthropy and has been contributing a lot selflessly for the nation.

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