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Bengaluru: 22-Week-Old Female Foetus Found In Hospital Dustbin; Doctor Evades Authorities

The fresh foetus found in the dustbin suggested recent disposal after a procedure performed on the same day.
11:56 AM Dec 15, 2023 IST | Saurav Gupta
bengaluru  22 week old female foetus found in hospital dustbin  doctor evades authorities

Officials from the district health office conducted an unexpected raid at a private hospital in Tirumalashettihalli, Bengaluru Rural. During the inspection, a female foetus was discovered discarded in a dustbin, prompting the hospital's managing director, Dr. Srinivas, to flee.

Detained Staff

Following a complaint by Dr. Manjunath, a nodal officer, police detained four individuals, including two women nurses, a lab technician, and an assistant, for questioning. The hospital's ultrasound scanning machine, suspected of unauthorized use, was confiscated by the authorities.

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Hospital Closure

Around 20 patients were present during the raid. Despite prior warnings about an illegal ultrasound machine, Dr. Srinivas continued its operation. The fresh foetus found in the dustbin suggested recent disposal after a procedure performed on the same day. Consequently, the hospital was shut down, and patients were transferred to alternative facilities.

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Investigation and Autopsy

An autopsy confirmed the foetus as a 22-week-old female. Efforts are underway to locate Dr. Srinivas, and statements from the detained staff will aid in building a case against him.

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Pursuing Accountability

Health Commissioner D Randeep emphasized the severity of the situation, hinting at potential illegal sex determination and female foeticide. Authorities are determined to ensure accountability and penalization for those involved.

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Addressing Foeticide

This incident is part of ongoing efforts to tackle foeticide-related activities in Bengaluru. Recent crackdowns underscore the region's commitment to curbing such illegal practices.

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