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Bengaluru Traffic: Biker's On-Camera Rampage Smashing Car Windshield; Victim Shares Harrowing Tale

Witnesses shared their observations in comments, expressing shock at the incident and commending Mascarenhas's composure.
12:33 PM Dec 07, 2023 IST | Saurav Gupta
bengaluru traffic  biker s on camera rampage smashing car windshield  victim shares harrowing tale
Bengaluru Traffic

A disturbing incident of road rage unfolded in Bengaluru, capturing attention after a video surfaced online. The footage depicted an enraged motorcyclist confronting a car, banging on the window, spewing profanities, and eventually shattering the car's windshield with a rock before hastily departing. Bernard Mascarenhas, who recorded the incident, shared the video on his Instagram profile.

Narrating the ordeal, Mascarenhas claimed that the two-wheeler rider, attempting a U-turn, aggressively attacked his car. According to Mascarenhas, the motorist, shouting in Kannada, exhibited threatening behavior, smashed the car's window, and swiftly fled the scene. The distressing event occurred around 8:30 pm on November 22 near Horamavu Bridge.

"He came from the opposite direction and just cut across blindly without indication. I braked hard, and we both then had eye contact, following which he looked downwards towards the registration plate, and then got off his scooter to begin his tirade," Mascarenhas explained in a comment.

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Sharing his perspective on Instagram, Mascarenhas detailed, "Here's what happened last night in Bangalore, with a local breaking the windshield of my Maharashtra-registered car out of sheer unprovoked aggression. I did not step out of the car or react because I was recording the happenings and was concerned for my own safety. I did not know if he'd have anything in his pockets that could have caused me harm had I stepped out."

He confirmed filing a police complaint against the aggressor, expressing his shaken state following the incident. The Bengaluru traffic police have yet to address the viral video. Posted on November 23, the video garnered over 167,000 views, eliciting a flurry of alarmed comments from concerned viewers.

Witnesses shared their observations in the comments, expressing shock at the incident and commending Mascarenhas's composure. They highlighted similar encounters in the city and hoped for appropriate legal action against the perpetrator.

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"These are the common behaviors of these 'chapri' guys in Bangalore... very common; even the police won't take any action," one user lamented, reflecting on the prevalent recklessness among some motorists in the city.

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