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BPO Employee Discovers Thousands Of Nude Photos On Her Boyfriend's Phone; Cybercrime Charges Filed

In a distressing incident that took place in Bengaluru, a 22-year-old woman discovered 1,300 nude photos upon accessing her boyfriend's photo gallery.
12:52 PM Nov 29, 2023 IST | Malika Sahni
bpo employee discovers thousands of nude photos on her boyfriend s phone  cybercrime charges filed

In Bengaluru, a disconcerting incident unfolded as a 22-year-old woman, an employee at a BPO firm, made a shocking discovery upon accessing her colleague's phone gallery. What she stumbled upon were approximately 13,000 nude photos of various women, including herself and several other colleagues, sparking alarm and distress.

The woman, referred to as Tanvi (pseudonym), promptly ended her relationship with the colleague in question and immediately informed her superiors at the office on November 20, urging decisive action to safeguard her coworkers from potential trouble in the future.

Taking swift action, Archana (alias), the legal head of the Bellandur-based BPO, filed a formal complaint at the cybercrime police station on November 23 against the individual involved, identified as Adithya Santosh, aged 25. Reports suggest that Santosh and Tanvi had been in a relationship for four months during which they recorded intimate moments. Seeking to remove these recordings, Tanvi surreptitiously accessed Santosh's phone without his knowledge.

In a separate but similarly concerning case, a former college track and field coach pleaded guilty in federal court in Boston for orchestrating a deceptive scheme aimed at persuading women across the country to send him nude or semi-nude photos. Using multiple fake social media and email accounts, the defendant engaged in cyberstalking, specifically targeting one female student-athlete and executing a plan to gain unauthorized access to her Snapchat account.

Steve Waithe, 30, from Chicago, Illinois, entered a guilty plea to 12 counts of wire fraud, one count each of cyberstalking, conspiracy to commit computer fraud, and computer fraud, aiding and abetting. The U.S. District Court Judge Patti B. Saris has scheduled Waithe's sentencing for March 6, 2024. Waithe had been apprehended and charged via a criminal complaint in April 2021, and subsequently indicted by a federal grand jury in December 2021.

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