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High-Tech Dosa Cafe In Bengaluru Uses Broom To Clean Tawa? Video Goes Viral

A viral video shows a chef uses broom to clean the cooking surface of the dosa tawa after moistening it with water and adds excessive ghee to the dosas.
11:59 AM Nov 15, 2023 IST | News24 Desk
high tech dosa cafe in bengaluru uses broom to clean tawa  video goes viral

A popular eatery in Bengaluru has taken the internet by storm and the reason is nothing impressive. A chef of the popular Rameshwaram Cafe is seen using a broom to clean the cooking surface before dousing Dosas and this has led to huge criticism on the social media.

A video shared by the 'Thefoodiebae' shows how a chef uses broom to clean the cooking surface after moistening it with water. If that was not enough, the chef adds excessive ghee to the Dosas before adding aloo masala and spices. This has led to a huge chaos among the netizens.

The netizens are highly concerned about the hygiene after the video went viral on social media. The eatery is also facing backlashes from the netizens as it is popularly known as 'most hgh-tech dosa' in Bengaluru.

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Exressing concern over the hygiene, a netizen commented, “Please don’t use the broom to spread the oil. We know that you are improvising but you may choose to opt for a custom-made oil brush… It’s not pleasant to watch brooms, toothbrushes, toilet brushes, and wipers being improvised for cooking purposes… specific tools have been made for specific purposes."

While another took a jibe at the cafe and said, “It’s most hi tech I hope that broom is not used to sweep the floor after the restaurant is closed…,"

However, the third user refused to taste dosa from the most hi-tech cafe, “I will never eat this type dosa so dirty cleaning tawa with broom and spreading so much oil and Messi masala so much irritated me."

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“If you eat this dosa twice, you will see heaven," commented the fourth netizen. Some angry netizens even took a dig at the eatery by saying, “Don't they realize, using this much ghee harm the health of the consumer? To make money and sell things, how come they produce such products?"

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