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Shocking Murder: Husband Slits Wife's Throat For Posting Instagram Reels, Making New Friends

A 38-year-old man allegedly murdered his wife for posting reels on Instagram, which leads to her making new friends.
11:26 AM Nov 25, 2023 IST | Malika Sahni
shocking murder  husband slits wife s throat for posting instagram reels  making new friends

KOLKATA: A tragic incident unfolded in Harinarayanpur, under the jurisdiction of the Joyanagar police station, where a 38-year-old man allegedly murdered his wife of 17 years. The conflict arose due to disagreements over the Instagram reels posted by the 35-year-old woman and the social circle she formed through these videos.

Parimal Baidya, the accused, reportedly slit his wife Aparna's throat, suspecting her of having an extramarital affair. Parimal, who works as a mason, is currently evading authorities.

The couple, who has a son in Class VII and a daughter in nursery, was alone at home during the tragic incident. The children were fortunately not present when the gruesome act occurred.

According to a police official, disputes between the couple escalated when Aparna began creating and sharing reels on social media, which led her to forge new friendships, particularly with an official from a money-lending agency. Parimal was allegedly unhappy about this.

The son returned home from a tuition class and discovered his mother lying in a pool of blood. Upon raising an alarm, neighbors rushed to the scene and alerted the police.

Revealing a tumultuous past, the son informed authorities about frequent conflicts between his parents. He mentioned threats made by his father towards his mother, emphasizing a heated argument the night before the tragic incident.

The police disclosed that due to persistent conflicts, the woman had previously separated from her husband, seeking refuge at her parents' place.

"We have recovered the murder weapon and initiated a search for Parimal. The body has been sent for postmortem examination," said the police officer.

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