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'Modiji Ke Sheher Mein': Man lashes out at submerged Ahmedabad Airport

12:29 PM Jul 23, 2023 IST | Pranjal Gupta
 modiji ke sheher mein   man lashes out at submerged ahmedabad airport

New Delhi: Heavy rainfall in Gujarat has affected routine life of people in Gujarat along with those who were travelling to the state. Recently, a video went viral on social media where a man recorded the 'pathetic' situation of an airport in state capital, Ahmedabad.

The video showed that the water was logged in the campus, causing people to even walk in the campus. The man who shot the video pointed out the camera to his hands holding his footwear, while condemning the poor management of the airport.

He further showed that everyone at the airport were seen walking through the premise submerged with the dirty water. They were left with no choice but to carry their luggage through the same water.

'Modiji Ke Sheher Mein...'

Lashing out, the man showed the situation and "Modiji ke sheher mein... (In the city of Prime Minister Narendra Modi)." He said "this is the situation of Gujarat the grand Airport."

A Twitter user from verified account posted the video.

Downpour in Gujarat disrupting lives 

Gujarat has recently witnessed heavy rain lashing out across the state, putting lives of humans, cattle and even automobiles in danger.

In a recent incident from Gujarat's Navsari that is one of the worst-affected districts, gas cylinders were seen floating in the open ground. The cylinders were then flowed in the water current.

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Flood-like Situation In Junagarh 

Meanwhile in Junagarh, buffaloes were seen washed away on submerged roads. As per media agency PTI, the situation in the district has come down to flood-like due to incessant rains and rising level of water.

Both of the districts are among the most-affected areas of Gujarat, disrupting daily lives of citizens. People were seen wading through deep-chested water, while cars were seen soaking water in the waterlogged parking lots.

However, the rescue operations have launched to shift people living in the low-lying areas to safer places.

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