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Supreme Court Directive Sparks Controversy Over App-Based Taxis In Delhi

Owing to the pathetic condition of air quality in Delhi, the authorities are considering imposing a ban on app-based taxis in the city.
08:05 AM Nov 09, 2023 IST | Malika Sahni
supreme court directive sparks controversy over app based taxis in delhi

The escalating pollution crisis in Delhi-NCR remains largely unaddressed, prompting authorities to consider a ban on app-based taxis in the city. Delhi's Environment Minister, Gopal Rai, disclosed that the Transport Department of the Delhi government has been instructed to prohibit app-based taxis, following a directive from the Supreme Court. The exact timing of this ban's implementation, whether this week or in conjunction with the odd-even formula, will become clear once the detailed order is made available.

However, an official associated with the app-based taxi industry noted that they have yet to receive official communication from the transport department. This official argued that a ban on these taxis would adversely affect passengers and increase the burden on other forms of public transportation. They stressed that clarity will only emerge when the Transport Department issues a comprehensive order, and department officials specified that the ban on app-based taxis is currently planned solely during the odd-even period.

The Supreme Court's order on this matter urged the Delhi government to consider allowing only locally registered taxis to operate on the city's roads. The rationale behind this directive is to curb the extensive use of out-of-state-registered taxis, often seen with only one passenger aboard.

The Supreme Court emphasized that monitoring such practices is essential and advocated for permitting only Delhi-registered taxis to mitigate pollution. Additionally, the court called for the ban of diesel cars with orange stickers.

Delhi's Environment Minister, Gopal Rai, highlighted that the Supreme Court recommended banning taxis registered outside of Delhi from entering the city, urging the Transport Department to adhere to this guidance. Rai also pointed out that the Supreme Court's directive aligns with the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) guidelines, which already ban BS-III and BS-IV diesel vehicles. The Transport Department has been tasked with evaluating the potential impact of implementing the odd-even rule on BS-VI diesel vehicles and will present a comprehensive report to the Supreme Court on Friday.

GRAP is a comprehensive system implemented to combat pollution in Delhi, comprising four categories: Stage 1 (Poor - AQI 201-300), Stage 2 (Very Poor - AQI 301-400), Stage 3 (Severe - AQI 401-450), and Stage 4 (Severe Plus - AQI over 450).

Regarding the ban on app-based taxis, a senior government official mentioned that the Transport Department will issue detailed guidelines, clarifying whether the ban takes effect immediately or coincides with the odd-even formula. The Delhi government has indicated that the Odd-Even Car Scheme will be enforced following a review by the Supreme Court and the issuance of an order.

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