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Tragic Electrocution Claims Lives Of Mother And Infant In Bengaluru; Probe Underway

A woman and her nine-month-old daughter Suviksa Lee, met a tragic end due to electrocution caused by a high-voltage electric wire.
02:08 PM Nov 19, 2023 IST | Malika Sahni
tragic electrocution claims lives of mother and infant in bengaluru  probe underway
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A heart-wrenching incident shook the Whitefield area of Bengaluru on Sunday morning as a woman, identified as Kadugodi (23), and her nine-month-old daughter, Suviksa Lee, met a tragic end due to electrocution caused by a high-voltage electric wire.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) from Whitefield reported that at 6:00 in the morning, near Hope Farm under the jurisdiction of Kadugodi police station, a live electric wire linked to the BESCOM department accidentally fell, leading to a fatal encounter with the deceased mother and her infant daughter. The impact was instantaneous, resulting in their immediate demise.

The shock and grief reverberated throughout the community as news of this harrowing incident spread. An official case has been registered at the Whitefield police station, marking the beginning of a comprehensive investigation into the tragic occurrence.

Expressing the urgency and gravity of the situation, the DCP highlighted the initiation of a rigorous inquiry. All relevant BESCOM officials and staff members are currently under interrogation to discern the circumstances that led to this devastating mishap.

BESCOM, an acronym for Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited, holds the responsibility of distributing electricity across eight districts in Karnataka, making this unfortunate event a matter of serious concern and scrutiny.

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