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Two dogs chase leopard away; Watch video

05:06 PM Jul 28, 2023 IST | Saurav Gupta
two dogs chase leopard away  watch video
Two dogs chase leopard

Nasik: In a viral video, two dogs chased away a leopard in the Adgaon Shivar area of Nasik, after it tried to attack the two sleeping canines.

CCTV footage captured a gripping moment as a leopard stealthily entered the lawn of a residence, targeting a dog sleeping near the main door. The wild cat's intentions were thwarted when another vigilant dog woke up and started barking, joining forces with the sleeping canine to chase the intruder away.

However, the leopard made a brief return, only to be met with the same resistance from the courageous dogs.

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Forest Department officer, Vrishali Gade, shed light on the incident, stating that the compound area of the bungalow, located in the Adgaon Shivar area, belonged to a resident named Prabhavkar Manude.

Authorities suspect that the leopard may have come from a nearby field. In response to the incident, the forest department is taking necessary measures, including setting up a cage, to ensure the safety of residents in the area.

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There have been no reports of the leopard causing harm to any citizens in the vicinity. While the situation was handled promptly, further details on the incident are still awaited.

Separately, in an unrelated incident in Mumbai's Goregaon district, a leopard caused panic on the sets of a Marathi TV serial "Sukh Mhanje Nakki Kay Asta" at Film City. The wild cat was spotted walking atop one of the structures, triggering chaos as people ran for safety. The incident occurred at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, leaving the crew and bystanders in a state of alarm.

As these incidents highlight the presence of leopards in human-populated areas, authorities remain vigilant in safeguarding both wildlife and residents.

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