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Viral Video: Delhi Fire Services Rescue Dog Trapped In a Narrow Drain

India praises the Delhi Fire Service after a trapped dog was rescued by them using heavy machines and cutting iron grills. The video did the rounds on social media, with 3.8 million views in a week. 
08:54 PM Dec 05, 2023 IST | News24 Desk
viral video  delhi fire services rescue dog trapped in a narrow drain
Image Source: Google

A heartwarming video went viral on social media platforms for the past few days in which Delhi Fire Service were seen rescuing a dog stuck inside a narrow drain in Delhi's Green Park area.

The video garnered more than 3,8 million views in the past three to four days, and people supported the Delhi Fire Service and mentioned that they were "so happy to see this thing in our country."

In a viral video posted by a social media account on Instagram, it was seen that "a dog stuck inside the narrow drain. To rescue the dog, the Delhi Fire Service men worked hard to rescue the dog safely."

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"The fire services dog the road with heavy machines and cut the iron grills of the concrete drain. After a continuous effort with a team of firefighters, the dog was finally rescued." according to the viral video. When fire services were rescuing the dog, other dogs in the area were seen watching his friends rescue him.

The video mentioned that "the dog got stuck inside the drain around three days ago, and when someone heard his cries, the Delhi Fire Services were informed for help."

The video captioned "Unsung heroes from the Delhi Fire Service rescuing a doggo trapped inside the gutter for three days."One user wrote, "Jaha se gaya waha se wapas kyu nahi aya wo dog?"

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