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Watch: Patient doesn't get ventilator in Delhi's premier hospital, relatives forced to 'pump' air

02:20 PM Jul 30, 2023 IST | Pranjal Gupta
watch  patient doesn t get ventilator in delhi s premier hospital  relatives forced to  pump  air

New Delhi: An abominable incident has exposed the reality of the health infrastructure in Delhi where pateint requiring appropriate medical attention were left getting no facilities since past three days.

In Delhi's Safderjung hospital, relative of a female patient resorted to pump a medical device attached to the woman as she laid on a strecture after the medical staff denied them proper ventilator facilities.

Preeti, relative of the patient, informed that the medical staff at the government hospital put the woman on ventilator after her health condition deteriorated. However, the medical staff said that there is no ventilator available for the woman.

Been 3 Days Without Ventilator 

The relative told when they asked the staff for the medical assistance, they replied that they cannot help it and frustratedly said, "we do not have hobby to not provide the facility." The family is still insisting the staff to give immediate attention to Shakti Kumari but there is no progress.

It has been three days since the woman is admitted to the hospital but there is no sign of relief. Preeti said that they have not provided the ventilators facilities so far and neither they have reffered the pateint to another hospital.

Shakti Kumari who is nearly 47-years-old is a resident of Delhi and was rushed to the hospital when her condition worsened. As per the information that Preeti shared, Shakti Kumari had taken a few medicines that had severe side-effects on her brain.

The video of the incident was shared by a Supreme Court's practicing lawyer Ashok Agarwal that attracted severe criticism.

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