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NEET Row: Engineer Alleges 'Mantri Ji' Connection, Calls It Attempted Paper Leak

NEET evidence suggests 'Mantri Ji' organized accommodations for an aspirant, their mother, and others at a Patna government bungalow. The aspirant has familial ties to the engineer involved.
09:53 AM Jun 19, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
neet row  engineer alleges  mantri ji  connection  calls it attempted paper leak

The ongoing controversy over the NEET 2024 results has intensified due to a confession note from an engineer working at Danapur Town Council (Danapur Nagar Parishad) in Bihar.

Evidence has also implicated a 'Mantri Ji', who allegedly arranged for a NEET aspirant, his mother, and other accomplices to stay at a government bungalow in Patna. The aspirant is related to the engineer.

In his confession note, the engineer, Sikandar Prasad Yadavendu, admitted that he helped arrange the stay of four NEET candidates and one of their guardians in Patna.

Yadavendu stated that his nephew, Anurag Yadav, and Anurag's mother, Reena Kumari, came to Patna for the NEET 2024 exams.

The engineer alleged that Yadav told him he wanted the results 'as promised earlier'.

The engineer's letter revealed that he was in contact with a racket specializing in leaking question papers for NEET, Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC), and Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams.

The engineer also claimed that he arranged logistics for other candidates: Ayush Raj, Shivanandan Kumar, Abhishek Kumar, Anurag Yadav, and Anurag's mother, Reena.

When an India Today team visited the location in Bihar where the candidates stayed, the bookings confirmed Anurag's name.

The guest house, identified as National Highways, Gulzarbagh Division, Patna, also contained rough bill books.

When accessing the bill books, India Today found a reference to 'Mantri Ji', who allegedly arranged the stay for Yadav and his accomplices at the guest house near the Patna Zoo and Patna airport.

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