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7 Pakistani Comedy Dramas

Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) fosters comedic brilliance in Pakistan, seen in its innovative comic dramas. Private channels, enabled by cable and satellite, offer diverse humorous content. These dramas, starring top personalities, blend humor with social commentary. From comedies to sketches, they entertain and delve into deeper themes, ensuring uncontrollable grins from viewers.
03:41 PM Apr 04, 2024 IST | Entertainment Desk
7 pakistani comedy dramas
Best Pakistani Comedy Dramas

Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) has been instrumental in fostering the comedic genius of Pakistan, as evidenced by the extraordinary innovation and brilliance displayed in Pakistani comic dramas. With the advent of cable and satellite technology, private channels that produced a range of humorous content—such as comedies, serials, series, and sketch dramatizations—began to appear. These plays delve deeper into themes and implications while remaining entertaining. These comedic dramas, which star some of the biggest personalities in Pakistani culture, combine humor with social commentary. These seven outstanding comedy dramas from Pakistan are sure to make viewers grin uncontrollably.

Uncle Urfi (1972)

Haseen Moin created “Uncle Urfi,” one of PTV’s most powerful Pakistani comedy dramas, blending romance and tragedy in black and white. Directed and produced by Mohsin Ali and Shirin Khan, the series stars Shakeel as the lead character returning from Canada. Shehla Ahmed plays Beena, the main heroine, while Jamshed Ansari portrays the pivotal supporting character Hasnat Ahmed. The drama features all main cast members, including Hasnat, in various comedic scenes, with Hasnat’s comedy standing out. With twenty-six episodes, each running for 30 minutes, this Urdu language drama is a memorable classic in Pakistani television history.

Sona Chandi (1983)

Munnu Bhai directed Sona Chandi, a popular Pakistani comedy drama comprising 48 episodes, with Rashid Dar as the writer. Inspired by a real-life Punjabi couple, the series features the iconic duo of Sona (Hamid) and Chandi (Sheeba Arshad). Memorable moments include scenes at the hospital and with Baji Ruqaya (Tamanna Begum). Ghayyur Akhtar shines as Hamid Bhai, known for his signature dialogue: “Oh Ho Ho Ho Ho.” Irfan Hashmi’s portrayal of Aslam Lambu adds humor, especially in scenes with Hameed Bhai. Dr. Mohsin, aka Tankana, also brings natural amusement to the series.

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Guest House (1991)

The fun-drama series “Guest House,” originally broadcast on PTV, is set in an elegant area of Islamabad. Mr. Shameem (Khalid Hafeez) and his wife, Mrs. Raheela Shameem (Srwat Ateeq), run the Guest House. Bao Naveed (Nasir Iqbal), Murad (Tariq Malik), and Jan Rambo (Afzal Khan) are three permanent employees who assist them. Jan Rambo’s character, known for his janitorial role, became a household name for his resemblance to American actor Sylvester Stallone. The employees find themselves in humorous situations with the guests, ultimately resolving them by the end of each episode with the help of the hesitant owners. Rauf Khalid, an eminent actor and writer, directed this comedy drama.

Bulbulay (2009)

Bulbulay, one of the longest-running Pakistani comedy dramas, falls under the slapstick and sitcom genre. Co-directed by Rana Rizwan and Nabeel, who also stars in it, the sitcom revolves around an idiotic family of four. Nabeel’s character, known for being very flirtatious, is married to Ayesha Omer’s character, Khoobsurat, a wealthy girl. The family faces many difficulties, primarily due to Mumtaz, played by Hina Dilpazeer, being forgetful. Each episode concludes with the male characters being trounced or the family getting cheated by others. The show’s popularity has grown globally, especially in the UK.

Dolly Ki Aayegi Baraat (2010)

In one of Pakistan’s most engaging comedy dramas, Dolly Ki Aayegi Baraat, Bushra Ansari plays the punjbaified, feisty Samia Chaudhary. It’s entertaining to witness her assertive persona, especially when she’s interacting with her on-screen husband, Chaudhary Nazeer Ahmed’s Shehryar Zaidi. Throughout the play, Bushra has a number of standout lines, such as “Mummy Ji Ka Puttar” (Mummy’s son) and “Chaudhary Saab Mujhe Godhi Le Le” (Chaudhary Saab, put me in your arms). Ali Safina (Mushtaq “Takkay”) is another hilarious star in this series. Her hand-flapping dance and gestures to the song “Munni Badnaam Hui” are genuinely hilarious. This iconic GEO TV drama, which was directed by Marina Khan and Nadeem Baig, consists of seventeen episodes that alternate between humorous and somber sequences.

Akbari Asghari (2011)

Faiza Iftikhar wrote the hilarious Pakistani comedy drama “Akbari Asghari,” which aired on HUM TV. Haissam Hussain directed this contemporary adaptation of Nazir Ahmed’s novel, focusing on the qualities of a good or bad wife.

The series revolves around two sisters, Akbari (Sanam Baloch) and Asghari (Humaima Malik), who return from the UK and marry two village brothers, Akbar (Imran Abbas) and Asghar (Fawad Khan). The drama portrays the clash between Eastern and Western lifestyles in a light and realistic manner.

An IMDb user praised the drama’s “amazing combination of comedy and emotions," noting its ability to critique senseless rituals without offense. Filmed in Pakistan and Turkey, the drama consists of twenty-five episodes, each lasting 40-42 minutes.

Suno Chanda (2018)

Ahson Talish directed the top Pakistani comedy drama “Suno Chanda,” with Saima Akram Chaudhary as the writer. The series revolves around the forced marriage of Arsalan Jamshed Ali “Arsal” (Farhan Saeed) and Aliya Nazkat Ali “Jiya” (Iqra Aziz), playing a cat-and-mouse game. Alongside, key cast members like Samina Ahmed (Mumtaz Begum, Bi Jaan), Mashal Khan (Kinza Khan), and Farhan Ally Agha (Jamshed Ali) add depth to the story. The drama, reflecting delicate comedy and intense moments, won hearts with its two seasons and sixty episodes in Urdu. Aired on Hum TV, it garnered several awards and accolades, making it a fan favorite.

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