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Billa Sonipat Aala aka Avinash is in the spotlight with his new song 'Yaariyan'

01:00 AM May 04, 2024 IST | Udit Singh
billa sonipat aala aka avinash is in the spotlight with his new song  yaariyan

Popular Haryanvi singer Billa Sonipat Aala aka Avinash, known for his unique style and successful music career, entered the world of music in the year 2019 and with his first song 'Baaji' not only made a different place in the hearts of music lovers but also made a mark in the music industry. Also established itself strongly with a new identity in the music world. After 'Baaji', the turning point in Billa's career came in the year 2021, when her song '2 Gulab' was released.

This song also gained immense popularity. There is no doubt that the song '2 Gulab' proved to be an important milestone in Billa's musical journey. In his musical journey so far, he has seen songs like 'Kisan Vs Lathi Charge', 'Promise Bro', 'Dil Kale', 'Over Confidence', 'System Pe System', 'Patla Sa Chora', 'Bhaidi Look', 'Young Age'. Billa Sonipat Ala, who has gained a lot of fame by singing many songs, is currently in the news for his new song 'Yaariyan'. Describing the specialty of 'Yaariyan', Billa says, 'This song has energy, action, romance, and the most special thing is that it has the fragrance of the soil of Haryana.

When you do any work from your heart, your success is already decided. I have not compromised with the fragrance of soil in any song. Perhaps this is the secret behind my success and that is why I get a lot of love from music lovers. 'Yaariyan' is also a living proof of my efforts. The special thing is that my focus is always on connecting with my fans through my art and meaningful music.

Billa sonipat ala also known as Avinash, who cites acting, songwriting, music composition, travelling, modeling and spending time with friends as his special hobbies, is quite active on various social media platforms including Sonipat Ala Instagram, Spotify and YouTube and on these social media platforms he shares his life and also keep sharing updates about music. Billa, who does not reveal anything openly about his upcoming project, says, 'Right now I am celebrating the success of 'Yaariyan'. Work is also going on on other songs, which everyone will know when the right time comes.

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