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Elvish Yadav Admits Providing Snake Venom At Rave Parties Following Arrest: Reports

Elvish Yadav, a prominent YouTuber and Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner, has been arrested for supplying snake venom to rave parties in Noida. Despite earlier denial, he confessed proving snake venom.
11:44 AM Mar 18, 2024 IST | Aniket Raj
elvish yadav admits providing snake venom at rave parties following arrest  reports
Elvish Yadav

Elvish Yadav, the popular YouTuber and winner of Bigg Boss OTT 2, has reportedly confessed to facilitating snake venom for rave parties shortly after his arrest. According to a recent report, he was apprehended in Noida on Sunday on allegations of supplying snake venom to such events. On Monday, it emerged that Elvish has acknowledged his involvement in the activities. He disclosed knowing individuals previously arrested in connection with similar incidents last year.

A police source informed that Elvish Yadav confessed to arranging snakes and their venom for rave parties he organized in the past. The insider further revealed that he admitted to being acquainted with the accused from various rave parties and maintaining contact with them. This admission comes in contrast to Elvish's earlier denial of these accusations.

After his confession, Elvish now confronts charges under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, specifically under Section 29, which pertains to the buying and selling of drugs. It's reported that obtaining bail under this law is challenging.

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What is the Snake Venom Case?

Elvish Yadav's involvement in the snake venom case came to light last year when he was linked to a group of five individuals arrested in connection with a rave party in November. During a raid in Noida sector 49, law enforcement recovered nine snakes, including five cobras, and confiscated approximately 20 ml of snake venom. The case was filed under provisions of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, and for criminal conspiracy under Section 120B of the Indian Penal Code.

Initially, when the group was arrested last year, they alleged that they supplied snakes and venom to Elvish for his parties. However, Elvish denied these claims at the time. He was questioned on November 7, 2023, regarding the case and asserted that the snakes were supplied to the rave party in Noida by singer Fazilpuria.

Nevertheless, on Sunday, March 17, Elvish was arrested by the police. He was subsequently placed in judicial custody and is expected to remain there for 14 days.

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