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Explore 5 Must Watch Indian Films that Redefine Art on OTT

Explore cinematic brilliance of movies like 'Masaan','Bulbbul','Sonchiriya', etc on OTT. Experience the captivating narratives, stunning cinematography, and stellar performances. Relive the magic of these 5 must watch Indian Films.
11:42 AM May 02, 2024 IST | Entertainment Desk
explore 5 must watch indian films that redefine art on ott
5 Must Watch Indian Films That Redefine art on OTT

The real art of cinema is available on your OTT platforms. These movies did not do well in numbers but were spectacular in cinematography, story, direction, writing, acting and what not. These are the 5 must watch Indian Films:


In the heart of Banaras, "Masaan" unfolds the lives of four individuals, portrayed by Vicky Kaushal and Richa Chadha. Departing from typical Bollywood narratives, the film delves into the everyday struggles of these characters, navigating societal prejudices and personal challenges in a city not always welcoming to their aspirations. Amidst caste and gender dynamics, they strive for a better future, facing the trials of existence with resilience and hope.


In the Anushka Sharma-produced film "Bulbbul," led by Triptii Dimri, viewers are transported to late 19th-century British India. The narrative follows Bulbbul, a child bride wedded to a significantly older, affluent man. Amidst the backdrop of potential romance with her youthful brother-in-law, Bulbbul endures abuse from her husband and his twin, shattering her spirit yet igniting a resilient strength within her. This haunting folklore, available exclusively on Netflix, intertwines themes of love, betrayal, and empowerment against a rich historical tapestry.


"Sonchiriya" weaves a gripping tale of dacoit drama, karmic reckonings, and caste politics against the backdrop of 1970s India, particularly during the Emergency era. Set in the rugged terrain of Chambal, the film echoes the spirit of classic Westerns, drawing parallels to the works of Sergio Leone. At its helm is Maan Singh (played by Manoj Bajpayee), leading a band of rebels who define themselves as "baaghi." Their rebellion is more than a mere act of defiance; it's a desperate escape from their own realities and circumstances.

As the narrative unfolds, layers of deception and revelation shed light on the complexities of human nature and the shifting sands of morality.


Expelled from his Shimla boarding school, Rohan finds himself thrust back into the confines of his home in Jamshedpur. Confronted by a stern father and the unfamiliar presence of a half-brother, he's coerced into pursuing engineering against his own wishes and labouring in his father's factory. Amidst this oppressive environment, Rohan grapples with inner turmoil as he navigates familial expectations and personal aspirations. Through resilience and determination, he goes on a journey to confront his demons and pursue his dreams, ultimately soaring to new heights against the odds.


In the powerful narrative of "Parched," Rani, portrayed by Tannishtha Chatterjee, represents the devoted mother striving to guide her wayward son, Gulab (Riddhi Sen), towards responsibility. Lajjo, played by Radhika Apte, endures the torment of spousal abuse due to her infertility, while finding solace in her friendship with Bijli (Surveen Chawla), a prostitute whose unapologetic lifestyle challenges societal norms.

Choosing to defy tradition, they embark on a quest for freedom and opportunity, leaving behind the constraints of their village. "Parched" garnered acclaim for its bold portrayal of women's struggles and its unflinching critique of patriarchy. The stellar performances of the leading trio added depth and authenticity to the film, earning praise from critics and audiences alike

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