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Internet Sensation Orry Issues Legal Warning After Declining Handshake With Influencer

Ms. Lohiya approached Orry, expressing admiration for his work. Orry thanked her, but his manager intervened, asking her not to take photos, which she agreed to. As she left, Ms. Lohiya alleges she extended her hand for a handshake, but Orry offered a fist bump instead. 'He couldn't even touch my hand,' Ms. Lohiya stated in her video.
11:17 AM Mar 29, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
internet sensation orry issues legal warning after declining handshake with influencer

Orry has threatened legal action against a content creator whom he refused to shake hands with at an event, in response to her video criticizing him. Ruchika Lohiya, the content creator, posted a reel on Instagram that has gained widespread attention, claiming that the internet sensation had ignored her handshake in front of a large audience, leading to embarrassment.

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Ms. Lohiya's Instagram video posted two days ago, has accumulated 3.9 million views. In the video, she shares her experience of attending a glamorous event where she met several celebrities, including Orry, whom she referred to as an "internet sensation."

Ms. Lohiya said she approached Orry and expressed admiration for his work. In response, Orry graciously thanked her. However, Orry's manager intervened and requested that Ms. Lohiya refrain from taking photographs - a request she complied with, as she stated. Upon leaving, Ms. Lohiya alleges she extended her hand for a handshake.

Instead of shaking her hand, Orry reluctantly offered her a fist bump. "He couldn't even touch my hand," Ms. Lohiya remarked in her video.

The incident between Ms. Lohiya and Orry, along with her subsequent video, has caused a dispute. Meanwhile, in the comments section, two opposing groups have turned it into a battleground - one supporting Orry and the other criticizing him for not shaking hands.


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Orry personally engaged in the comments section to clarify that he refused to shake hands with her due to concerns about the germs and bacteria her hand might carry.

Orry Gives A Legal Threat 

He expressed that while he's usually happy to meet fans and friends, he felt that she had pushed her way through at a public event, bypassing security and disrespecting his manager. Despite this, he still greeted her politely but preferred not to have physical contact beyond a fist bump.

Orry repeatedly referred to the influencer as a "clout chaser" in various comments. He said that he had initiated legal action against Lohiya for defaming him, stating, "I will be filing a defamation case immediately. Legal has already been notified. CCTV will also be pulled."

Orhan Awatramani, better known as Orry, has become widely known on the internet due to his frequent appearances with Bollywood stars, his daring stunts, and his frequent presence in paparazzi photos and talk shows.

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