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Lok Sabha 2024: Dharmendra Reacts To Paresh Rawal's Controversial Comments

Dharmendra says:'The greatest evidence of being Indian'. He posted the photo after voting and added, 'The biggest proof of being Indian is your vote, friends.
03:24 PM May 20, 2024 IST | News24 Desk
lok sabha 2024  dharmendra reacts to paresh rawal s controversial comments

Lok Sabha elections: A group of movie stars has been spotted at the polling location since the early hours of the Lok Sabha election. Among them, Dharmendra was recorded reprimanding a person in a video that has gone viral. Additionally, a video of Paresh Rawal is currently trending.

Movie stars actively participate in the voting for the Lok sabha election, and there has been a flurry of activity at the polls since Monday morning. Meanwhile, a video allegedly featuring Bollywood icon Dharmendra, looking very upset, has gone viral. Paresh Rawal can be seen in a news clip advocating punishment for non-voters. It surprises people to see how unhappy Dharmendra is. After voting, the actor posted a few photos on his Instagram account. 

In a recently widely circulated video, Dharmendra gets agitated in front of the camera. Two people are seen helping Dharmendra gather votes. He became angry when the cameraman asked him a question in the middle of it.

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Dharmendra yelled in anger, 'I know what you want me to say.' In a video, he can say, 'Friend, become a poet, become a patriot, become a good person, love your parents.' The 88-year-old Dharmendra is then heard saying, "It is obvious what you want me to say.'

'The greatest evidence of being Indian,' remarked Dharmendra. He posted the photo after voting and added, "The biggest proof of being Indian is your vote, friends. Take advantage of your right and vote,' the speaker stated.

Paresh Rawal has suggested that individuals who abstain from voting should face consequences. His video urging everyone to cast a ballot has garnered a lot of attention. He proposed that those who choose not to vote should experience a rise in their taxes or other penalties to ensure they fulfill this civic duty. Some people are now offended by Paresh Rawal's remarks, expressing concerns about the potential for dictatorship. Others have argued that democratic rights should not be enforced through coercion.

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