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Mumbai Fans Go Wild As Ed Sheeran Sings 'Lover' With Diljit Dosanjh

With his Mathematics tour, English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran captivated fans in India. When the artist performed in Punjabi alongside Diljit Dosanjh, everyone was taken aback by thr duo's performance.
11:29 AM Mar 17, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
mumbai fans go wild as ed sheeran sings  lover  with diljit dosanjh

During his Mathematics Tour, British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran lit the Mumbai stage on fire. He captivated the audience on March 16 when he and Diljit Dosanjh, a pop sensation from Punjab, collaborated for a night to remember. Fans were mesmerized by the two as Ed Sheeran sang Diljit's popular song, "Lover."

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In Mumbai, Ed Sheeran and Diljit Dosanjh stole the show with their amazing performance of the Punjabi singer's hit song "Lover." Sheeran's faultless rendition of the Punjabi song, which added an unexpected twist to the performance, left the audience in awe.

"@teddysphotos Brother Singing in PANJABI for the First Time," Diljit wrote in a post that included a video of their performance from the previous evening. BURRAAAA. Ge Chak deya.

During his Mumbai concert with @diljitdosanjh, Ed Sheeran stunned fans by posting a video in which he expressed his joy at singing in Punjabi for the first time. I have to introduce @diljitdosanjh to Mumbai tonight so he may perform in Punjabi for the first time," he wrote. I've had an amazing time in India, and I hope to return soon!

The "Shape of You" singer dressed for his performance in a black kurta with the word "Mumbai" printed on the back. A portion of the singer's Asia and Europe Tour included Ed's performance. In the meantime, on March 15, Bollywood star Farah Khan threw Ed Sheeran a lavish celebration at a Mumbai eatery. Several Bollywood celebrities, including Madhuri Dixit and Hrithik Roshan, attended the celebration.

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