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Nostalgia Revisited: Favourite Indian TV Shows from the Past Decades

Take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the most iconic Indian TV shows that have left a lasting impression on viewers for decades. From the groundbreaking dramas of the 80s like Hum Log to the hilarious sitcoms of the 00s like Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, these shows have not only entertained but also shaped popular culture and left an enduring legacy.
01:37 PM May 17, 2024 IST | Entertainment Desk
nostalgia revisited  favourite indian tv shows from the past decades

Ah, nostalgia. It is the magic that bittersweet ache of nostalgia that emerges from seeing, hearing, or experiencing something that reminds you of a time that once was. For lots of Indians, the reminder of the good old days comes from their memories of the TV shows that have had a huge impact on their childhood and teenage years. For many of us, these shows were more than just entertainment. They were cultural landmarks that brought us together, created memories we'd cherish forever, and left a legacy that our parents and grandparents could identify with.

The Golden Age of Doordarshan (1980s - 1990s):

Doordarshan, the national broadcaster, dominated the Indian TV landscape for decades. This era witnessed the birth of some truly unforgettable shows:

Hum Log (1984-1985):

This groundbreaking soap opera not only kicked off family dramas but also showed the struggles of different social issues present in Indian society. It touched upon the subjects of women's empowerment, inter-caste marriage, and the social conventions of the community.

Ramayana (1987-1988) & Mahabharata (1988-1990):

These epic mythological sagas were the greatest of all time. The massive sets, powerful acting, and timeless tales transcended religious boundaries, instantly touching audiences, and leaving a lasting cultural legacy.

Byomkesh Bakshi (1993-1997):

This detective series, which was based on the works of Bengali author Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay, wowed the viewers with its skillful mysteries and solid storytelling. Rajit Kapoor's charm & charisma on the screen as Byomkesh Bakshi and the iconic ‘Feluda’ hat, remains etched in the minds of many.

The Rise of Private Channels (2000s onwards):

The turn of the millennium saw the rise of private channels, ushering in a new era of diverse content:

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi (2000-2008):

This soap opera, running for over eight years, ruled the TRP Charts, eventually turning into a name every household would know of. Exploring family dynamics and relationships in a rather melodramatic manner, it is still one of the most famous cultural symbols.

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai (2004-2006):

This sitcom stood apart from the rest, with its witty and realistic dialogues and the familiar yet comedic conflict between the two families. The program's witty humour prevalent across all age groups swept the audience off its feet making this a cult classic.

CID (1998-present):

This crime mystery has not only become a quintessential TV crime show but also popularly became the face of TV crime shows in India. Through the investigation of gruesome crimes and a variety of distinctly interesting people, its longstanding popularity always managed to keep us hooked.

Beyond the Mainstream:

While the aforementioned shows were hugely popular, Indian TV has also offered a platform for diverse voices and regional narratives:

Malgudi Days (1986-1988):

Based on R.K. Narayan's works, this heartwarming show had all the aspects of life in a small town in South India. Its relatable characters and its nostalgic charms continue to be of big influence on the viewing audience, even to date.

Office Office (2001-2002):

This mockumentary-style sitcom offered a hilarious and relatable take on the corporate world, becoming a cult favorite amongst office workers.

Indian Idol (2004-Present):

This music reality TV show has become the launchpad for the careers of many gifted singers, including Shreya Ghoshal and Arijit Singh who wowed the world with their melodious songs. It served as a platform for the growth of many aspiring singers from all across the nation as well as tapping with the hearts of music lovers.

The Enduring Legacy:

These are just a few examples of the countless shows that have shaped the Indian TV landscape. While viewing habits may have changed, these shows continue to evoke a sense of nostalgia and hold a special place in the hearts of millions. They remind us of a time of simpler pleasures, shared experiences, and the power of storytelling.

It's also important to acknowledge that the television landscape is constantly evolving, with new shows and formats capturing the attention of younger generations. However, the nostalgia associated with the shows of the past remains undeniable, acting as a window into a bygone era and a testament to the enduring power of storytelling.

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