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Ruskin Bond Reveals A Shocking Incident Says ‘I Was Charged Extra For...'

Ruskin Bond, celebrated for his works like 'The Blue Umbrella' and 'The Room on the Roof,' has won numerous awards, including the Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan. His works are cherished across generations in India, making this incident particularly ironic and noteworthy.
12:57 PM May 21, 2024 IST | News24 Desk
ruskin bond reveals a shocking incident says ‘i was charged extra for

Celebrated author Ruskin Bond turned 90, this Sunday and he does have stories to share. In an interview with the Press Trust of India (PTI) he shared an unusual experience that he had at the Konark Sun Temple in Odisha. Despite being an Indian citizen, Bond was reportedly charged an extra fee by temple authorities who mistook him for a foreigner due to his appearance. The incident sparked discussions on social media about the treatment of visitors at heritage sites.

A respected figure in Indian literature, Ruskin Bond, known for his extensive children's literature and stories set in the Indian Himalayas, said he was asked to pay extra at the Konark Sun Temple because 'he looks like a foreigner'. He further said that he tried to convince the people there by saying: 'I am not a foreigner, I am an Indian'. 'But then to avoid the argument, I paid more,' Bond told PTI. He was born in India to British parents in 1934, spent most of his life in India and holds Indian citizenship.

He also talked about what happened next. 'Sardar ji came behind me. He had a British passport but was allowed in. He was not charged extra because he did not look like a foreigner'.

Check Out People's Reactions to the Ruskin Bond Interview:

This incident has brought attention to the policies and practices at Indian tourist sites, raising questions about fairness and the need for clear guidelines to prevent such misunderstandings. Many have expressed their disappointment with different statements like 'This whole concept of charging foreigners extra is ridiculous... Only twisted brains come up with such discriminatory policy.' Another user added, 'Wonder what year this was? As by showing the Aadhaar card one gets the normal price.' People's shocking expression was so evident on the comments like - 'how dare they not to recognize THE Ruskin Bond! The famous author.'

Also many wished him with blessings on his day and happiness for life by commenting , 'Many happy returns of the day to India’s Mr. Bond! Many happy memories of reading this fine author books, including the Lone Fox Dancing!'

The video is being shared widely on X, racking up 313.2K views. In addition to this, the post includes three follow-up threads where Ruskin Bond dives into his lifelong bachelorhood, his decision to pursue writing, and the special bond he shares with his fans.

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