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Boost Your Heart Health with Yoga - Keep Blood Pressure and Heart Diseases Far Away

Are you going through the pressures of life accompanied by heart ailments? If so, good news is here for you. Practice yoga and ward away all the evils of heart ailments that plague you.
12:00 PM Apr 12, 2024 IST | Lifestyle Desk
boost your heart health with yoga   keep blood pressure and heart diseases far away
Yoga Asanas for Heart diseases

The fast-paced work lives along with a sedentary lifestyle are two of the main culprits where our heart health is concerned. It stands at a compromised position and our heart health is at risk of many issues confronting them. To counter such major issues, our ancient traditions and systems have given us something to look forward to and feel good about. We can tackle problems related to heart health with yoga.

Yoga Poses for Cardiovascular Benefits

Yoga is not just exercise. It is the total approach that it takes to tackle heart health and other bodily issues that make it stand apart from other modes of treatment. Yoga takes a comprehensive approach which actually benefits us in every way. Here are some yoga poses to consider for good heart health.

1. Tadasana or Mountain Pose

This pose is aimed at the entire body. It benefits the body by building on the alignment and its posture. Tadasana also ameliorates blood circulation which thereby supports heart health.

2. Utkatsana or the Chair Pose

Utkatsana fixes on the thighs, calves, ankles and vertebral column. It fully stretches the back and strengthens the core muscles which also help with proper blood circulation.

3. Uttanasana or the Standing Forward Bend

It chooses to work on the hips, hamstring, calves, knees and thighs. It tweaks the muscle flexibility, steps up blood circulation and strengthens the spine.

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Yoga Poses to Scale Down Blood Pressure

To keep blood pressure at optimum levels, here are some of the best poses that can be tried.

1. Shavasana or Corpse Pose

It is a mental asana that aids in relaxing the breathing procedure with peaceful thoughts in the mind. The benefits include relaxing the mind and body, lowering the blood pressure level and restricting all bodily problems internally.

2. Adho Muhka Savasana or Downward-Facing Dog Position

One of the best blood pressure controlling asanas, adho mukha savasana helps to set free the stress built within a person to boost proper circulation and lower the blood pressure. It also steps up the functioning of the entire cardiac system.

3. SetuBandhasana or Bridge Pose

The bridge pose is effective in increasing the flow of blood by pumping up the heart’s function. As the heart begins to function effectively and positively, the blood pressure is at its optimum level. Thus this makes it a good pose in controlling and maintaining blood pressure.

Yoga Poses for Revamped Blood Circulation

For enhanced blood circulation, the following asanas can be practiced seamlessly:

  • Kapal Bhati – It benefits the digestive system and abdominal muscles, removes all blockages in the nasal passage and chest, heightens blood circulation, improves skin complexion with a glow on the face, memory gets a boost, mental clarity, aids in overcoming depression & stress and is helpful in removing excess fat from the body.
  • Suryanamaskar is one of the best poses to boost blood circulation. It is an all-comprehensive asana that takes care of numerous ailments and issues in the body. It impacts many parts of the body because it comprises a set of 12 postures. 10-12 sets of this posture everyday should take care of many issues.
  • Vajrasana, a pose that can be done immediately after a meal, is highly effective in aiding proper blood circulation and enhances digestion and nourishes all the organs adequately in the entire body.

Yoga to Lower Risks of Heart Diseases

Any asana that is practiced for the benefit of the heart is also good for lowering risks of any heart ailments. Thus, apart from the asanas mentioned above so far, there are some others that can also be done. They are:

  • Bhujangasana
  • Vrikshasana
  • Trikonasana

After completing these asanas, it can be safely said that a person should be well taken care of from any heart ailments that are common today.

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