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Humanity Ashamed! 3 Puppies Brutally Killed In Delhi’s Jaitpur Area

Three puppies were brutally murdered in Delhi! One puppy's head was smashed, two puppy's throats were slit, and the accused fled. Residents had kept these one and a half month old puppies in a separate location to keep them warm. They were provided food and water.
11:16 AM Jan 11, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
humanity ashamed  3 puppies brutally killed in delhi’s jaitpur area
Two puppies (Image: Pexels)

A terrible case of animal cruelty has been seen in Delhi. Unknown individuals viciously murdered three puppies (Puppies Killed in Delhi). Two puppies' necks were cut, according to reports. The third’s head was crushed with a stone. The incident is said to have occurred during the nights of January 9 and 10. The police were notified the following morning. No information about the accused has been discovered till now. 

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Where were the puppies killed in Delhi?

According to Navbharat Times, the event occurred near Raj Modern Public School in the Jaitpur neighborhood. Rohit Sharma, who lives nearby, said the puppies were born approximately a month and a half apart. They were kept in a room to protect them from the winter breeze. They were provided food and water. Rohit stated that when he arrived on January 10th, the lifeless bodies of the three puppies were discovered.

According to reports, the police are reviewing CCTV footage located nearby to apprehend the culprit.

Puppies killed in Kanpur last month

A comparable incident came to light just last month in Kanpur's Barra neighborhood. The CCTV footage of the event quickly went viral. The film shows the auto approaching a street with a few dogs lying on the road. On the road, a lass is nursing her infants. Other dogs move away as a result of the sound of the car, but the puppies remain on the road. The automobile driver notices everything but does not stop. He speeds ahead of the helpless puppies while driving it.

Animal cruelty case from Madhya Pradesh

A video of another incident had surfaced from Guna district of Madhya Pradesh. It was seen in the video that a person was sitting on the roadside and eating something. Near some puppies go while playing. As soon as the person sees them, he gets angry and picks up a puppy and throws it on the ground. The person does not stop here. He was seen going on the road and trampling that poor puppy with his feet. Action was also taken against the accused person.

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