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Bihar Engineering Students Find Dead Snake In Food, Leading To Hospitalization

Engineering students in Banka, Bihar, found a dead snake in their college canteen food. This caused 10-15 students to be hospitalized due to nausea and vomiting after eating on Thursday night. The snake was discovered later in the food provided by a private mess.
07:47 AM Jun 17, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
bihar engineering students find dead snake in food  leading to hospitalization

Bihar: Engineering students in the state's Banka claimed they found a dead snake in the food from their college canteen. They reported that 10-15 students were hospitalized after eating the contaminated food.

The students said they experienced nausea and vomiting after eating food from the canteen on Thursday night. They later found a small dead snake in the food, which came from a private mess.

The students said they had already complained to the college management about the food quality, but nothing changed.

What did the Bihar Authorities say on this matter?

After the incident, Banka's District Magistrate Anshul Kumar, along with the SDM and SDPO, visited the college to investigate.

The Sub-Divisional Officer said they investigated the matter and fined the mess owner.

The officer said they explained everything to the students and prepared the food again. The principal and the students then ate together.

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