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Bengaluru Breaks 133-Year Record: Highest June Rainfall In A Single Day

Bengaluru recently break record of rainfall, surpassing a 133-year-old record, prompts urgent discussions on urban infrastructure and climate resilience.
02:34 PM Jun 03, 2024 IST | Swechchha
bengaluru breaks 133 year record  highest june rainfall in a single day
Bengaluru Record Breaking Rain

Bengaluru, often hailed as India's Silicon Valley, has recently made headlines for a remarkable meteorological event. On June 2, the city witnessed an extraordinary deluge, breaking a 133-year-old record for the highest rainfall in a single day in June. This unprecedented weather occurrence has not only surprised residents but has also raised concerns about infrastructure resilience and urban planning in the face of extreme weather events.

The previous record, set in 1891 stood unchallenged for over a century until this remarkable downpour inundated Bengaluru. According to meteorological data, the city received 111.1 mm of rainfall within 24 hours, surpassing the previous record by a significant margin.

The sudden and intense rainfall brought the city to a standstill, causing waterlogging in several low-lying areas and leading to traffic disruptions across various parts of Bengaluru. The heavy downpour also triggered concerns about potential flooding and highlighted the need for robust drainage systems and urban flood management strategies in the city.

While monsoon rains are a regular occurrence in Bengaluru from June to September, the magnitude of this particular rainfall event has caught many by surprise. Climate scientists attribute such extreme weather events to various factors, including climate change and urbanization, which can exacerbate the intensity and frequency of heavy rainfall events in urban areas.

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The unprecedented rainfall serves as a wake-up call for city planners, policymakers, and residents alike to prioritize climate resilience and sustainable urban development. Investments in infrastructure upgrades, including improved drainage systems, water management strategies, and green infrastructure, are crucial to mitigating the impacts of future extreme weather events and ensuring the city's long-term sustainability.

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