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Beware! Serving Drinks In House Party This New Year 2024 Can Get You In Trouble

In Noida, obtaining a temporary license from the Excise Department is mandatory for serving liquor at a house party.
01:55 PM Dec 28, 2023 IST | Saurav Gupta
beware  serving drinks in house party this new year 2024 can get you in trouble
New Year 2024

As the year 2023 draws to a close, global preparations for New Year celebrations are underway, with diverse festivities planned. A common element in these celebrations is the inclusion of alcohol, with many individuals organizing parties to mark the occasion. The sale of liquor experiences a surge during New Year's festivities, with people choosing to consume alcohol in various settings such as bars, clubs, and house parties. If you're planning to celebrate the New Year with alcohol, it's crucial to be aware of the rules governing its inclusion in both home and external events.

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Officials emphasize that lacking a valid license to serve alcohol is illegal and may result in legal consequences, including fines and arrest. There are two distinct categories of licenses required for serving alcohol at parties, each associated with specific costs.

Liquor license essential for house parties

A liquor license is essential even for house parties. Before ringing in the New Year, understanding all the rules and regulations related to alcohol is vital. In Noida, obtaining a temporary license from the Excise Department is mandatory for serving liquor at a commercial New Year party, costing Rs 11,000 for a one-day license. Similarly, organizing a house party requires a temporary license, which comes at a cost of Rs 4,000.

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Temporary liquor license

Temporary licenses for both commercial and house parties come with a significant condition - the use of liquor from any other state is prohibited. Once a temporary license is obtained, there are no restrictions on quantity, but time limitations do apply.

The Noida Excise Department aims to double its revenue compared to the previous year, with District Excise Officer Subodh Srivastava reporting liquor sales exceeding three crores on the evening of December 31 last year. Teams have been deployed to ensure liquor contractors do not overcharge.

On New Year's Eve in Noida and Greater Noida, liquor shops will remain open until 11 pm, in compliance with orders from Uttar Pradesh Excise Commissioner Senthil Pandian. This decision applies from December 24 to December 31.

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