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Bizarre! After Human Finger And Snake, Dead Frog Found In Wafer Packet In Gujarat

In Jamnagar, Gujarat, a dead frog was reportedly found in a packet of potato chips on Wednesday. This follows recent incidents involving a human finger and a centipede found in online ice cream orders
10:09 AM Jun 20, 2024 IST | Aniket Raj
bizarre  after human finger and snake  dead frog found in wafer packet in gujarat
Frog In Chips packet in Jamnagar

In Gujarat's Jamnagar, a dead frog was reportedly discovered in a packet of potato chips on Wednesday. This incident follows recent uproar over a human finger and a centipede being found in online ice cream orders.

Jasmin Patel, who lives in Pushkar Dham Society, stated that his four-year-old niece bought the packet from a local shop on Tuesday evening. Patel mentioned that his niece and his nine-month-old daughter had eaten some of the chips before they noticed the dead frog.

An official from the Jamnagar Municipal Corporation announced that samples from the same production batch of the wafer packet would be collected for investigation.

According to food safety officer D.B. Parmar, "Jasmin Patel reported finding a dead frog in a packet of Crunchex, produced by Balaji Wafers. We inspected the shop where it was purchased last night. Our preliminary investigation confirmed it was a decomposed frog," as reported.

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“As directed by the municipal commissioner, we will collect samples of this batch of wafer packets to conduct an inquiry,” he added. Earlier this week, students at a government engineering college in Bihar reported finding a snake in the food served at their mess.

According to reports, students at a government engineering college in Banka, Bihar, discovered pieces of what appeared to be a snake in their mess meal. Eleven students fell ill after consuming the contaminated food and were taken to a hospital, where they were treated for symptoms of nausea and vomiting. They are now in stable condition.

In response to the incident, the college administration replaced the food vendor and fined the responsible party. Furthermore, the administration mandated that the principal and teachers eat with the students daily to ensure food safety.

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