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Bizarre! Elderly Man Beaten To Death For Denying 'Beedi'

Karan allegedly hit Manohar with a wooden stick following the refusal for a beedi. The police initiated an investigation, and a murder case will be filed pending a detailed post-mortem report
10:28 AM May 16, 2024 IST | Aniket Raj
bizarre  elderly man beaten to death for denying  beedi
Murder For Beedi In Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh: An elderly gentleman was fatally assaulted after he declined to provide a 'Beedi' to another individual within the Chhoti Gwaltoli police jurisdiction in Madhya Pradesh. The attack took place on the sidewalk in Kibe Compound during the night spanning May 12 and 13. Despite fighting for approximately two days, he passed away due to his injuries at MY Hospital on Tuesday night.

As per the police report, the victim has been identified as Manohar, known for wandering around the area and sleeping on the sidewalk. The suspect in the case has been named as Karan. Allegedly, Karan requested a beedi from Manohar, who declined to comply with the request.

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A dispute ensued between them, leading Karan to strike Manohar on the head with a wooden stick, causing him to bleed. Manohar was then transported to the hospital by an acquaintance, where he ultimately passed away during treatment on Tuesday night. Subsequently, the police initiated an investigation into the matter and conducted a post-mortem examination of the deceased. A murder case will be filed once the police obtain a brief post-mortem report specifying the cause of death.

ACP Sanyogitaganj Tushar Singh stated that the preliminary autopsy report revealed that the man had succumbed to multiple injuries.

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