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CM Eknath Shinde Reveals Why PM Modi's Third Term Is Crucial For Maharashtra

Eknath Shinde specifically mentioned the importance of central assistance for projects like diverting waste water in the drought-prone Marathwada region.
03:14 PM May 18, 2024 IST | Aniket Raj
cm eknath shinde reveals why pm modi s third term is crucial for maharashtra
Eknath Shinde

In an exclusive interview with Anuradha Prasad, Editor-in-Chief of News24, Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde shared his views on several issues. During the conversation, he candidly addressed questions related to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. CM Eknath Shinde made a significant revelation about why a third term for PM Modi is essential for Maharashtra.

Eknath Shinde stated that his government has focused on development within the state, achieving positive progress across all sectors. He expressed confidence that the Mahayuti (grand alliance) would receive the public's support in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, as people appreciate a government that delivers results. Shinde mentioned that while their mission is to secure 45 seats, they are striving to achieve all 48.

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The Maharashtra Chief Minister further emphasized that support from the central government is crucial for development in every sector. He noted that funding for roads, railways, and urban development, among other areas, comes from the center. Highlighting the drought-prone region of Marathwada, he mentioned that diverting waste water is a major project requiring central assistance. He praised PM Modi's responsiveness, stating that the Prime Minister promptly attends inaugurations when invited. Shinde expressed that a third term for PM Modi would greatly benefit Maharashtra, leading to increased development for the state.

Eknath Shinde stated that the "double-engine" government has enabled significant work in Maharashtra. He emphasized the importance of central support for development. When both the central and state governments share the same vision, it leads to effective governance. Shinde expressed confidence that Modi will become the Prime Minister for a third term and highlighted Modi's strong affection for Maharashtra, which will result in more funding for the state's development.

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