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Constable Faints From Heat Stroke, Inspector Films Instead Of Helping; Dies | WATCH

Kanpur: A constable fainted from heat stroke, but instead of taking him to the hospital, an inspector recorded a video. After a long delay, the constable was finally taken to the hospital, where he died due to the late arrival.
10:34 AM Jun 19, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
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A shocking video from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, is going viral. Reports say a constable died of heat stroke, but the video shows what happened to him before he died. In the video, the constable is unconscious, and a sub-inspector is recording him. The constable died because of the delay in taking him to the hospital.

People are struggling with the scorching heat and prefer to stay indoors until evening, but policemen continue to do their duty. Some officers have to stand in the sun for hours. In Kanpur, a constable fainted from heat stroke. Instead of taking him to the hospital, an inspector kept recording a video of him. The constable was taken to the hospital after a long delay, and he died because of the late arrival.

Head Constable Brij Kishore Singh from Kanpur Police Line was heading home to Jhansi when he felt dizzy and collapsed outside the station. A sub-inspector saw him unconscious and started making a video instead of helping. After some time, they took him to the hospital, where he died during treatment.

The inspector recorded a video of the unconscious head constable while someone else filmed the inspector. This video is now viral on social media, with people questioning why the inspector filmed instead of taking him to the hospital. A police officer stated that the death appears to be due to heat stroke, but the exact cause will be known after the post-mortem.

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