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Constable In Uttar Pradesh Threatens Self-Immolation Over Alleged Bribe For Resignation Approval

A constable in Uttar Pradesh's Hardoi, reportedly intoxicated, attempted self-immolation, claiming a clerk demanded a bribe to process his resignation.
06:55 AM Jun 17, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
constable in uttar pradesh threatens self immolation over alleged bribe for resignation approval

Uttar Pradesh: Chaos erupted in UP's Hardoi when a reportedly drunk constable tried to set himself on fire in the senior superintendent of police's office.

Constable Chhavi Kumar threatened to set himself on fire, claiming a clerk was demanding a bribe to approve his resignation.

Kumar said he submitted his resignation to the police department on June 14, three days ago, after being selected for a lecturer position at a school in Madhya Pradesh. However, despite contacting various officials, his resignation was not approved.

Kumar claimed he had been attempting for three days to get his resignation approved. Despite reaching out to MLAs, MLCs, and ministers for help, he received no assistance. He alleged that the clerk, Kamal, demanded a bribe of Rs 10,000 to process his resignation.

What did the Constable In Uttar Pradesh Do?

Upset, he went to the SP office intending to set himself on fire. However, the police stated that Kumar was intoxicated during the incident.

He attempted to get petrol from his bike, but other constables and clerks successfully restrained him. Kumar underwent a medical examination, and an investigation is ongoing to determine the necessary actions.

Kumar, who lives in Mathura, is a constable from the 2019 batch currently working in court security in Hardoi.

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