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Delhi: Slits Throat, Watched Her Bleeding, Father Kills Daughter For 'Honor'

On Sunday evening, Amrita's father persuaded her to accompany him to a remote field in Kanjhawala, claiming they needed to have a final discussion. When Amrita refused to end her relationship, her father used a paper cutter to slash her throat and stomach. He callously watched as she bled to death before leaving the scene.
07:52 AM Jun 18, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
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Delhi: A father in the capital city's  Kanjhawala area brutally killed his daughter, Amrita, around 20 years old, on Sunday evening due to caste-based opposition. The tragic incident occurred because Amrita's family strongly disagreed with her relationship with Shubham, a young man from a different caste.

Amrita and Shubham, who lived in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, were in love despite their families' disapproval. Amrita's family, who are from the Nai caste, sent her to Delhi for family business reasons, aiming to keep her away from Shubham, who is from the Mallah community. Despite the separation, they continued their relationship through regular phone calls and messages.

Tensions rose when Amrita's father suspected she might run away with Shubham. On Sunday evening, he convinced Amrita to go to a secluded field in Kanjhawala under the pretext of having a "final discussion." When Amrita refused to give up her relationship, her father attacked her with a paper cutter, cutting her throat and stomach. He heartlessly watched as she bled to death before leaving.

At around 8:53 pm on Sunday, the police control room received a report about a girl's body found in a field near Chandpur Road. According to the police, the body had severe injuries on the neck and abdomen. An FIR was filed, and Inspectors Ishwar Singh and Dharmender were assigned to investigate the murder. DCP Guriqbal Singh Sidhu mentioned it was a challenging case initially, but the first breakthrough came when CCTV footage revealed a cab in the area with two passengers inside.

Local informants were involved, and technical surveillance was employed. Investigators successfully tracked down the cab driver using the vehicle's registration number. The driver informed them that he had dropped off a woman and a man at the location of the incident. The information provided by the driver, including the booking number used for the cab, enabled the police to identify the girl and her family. The girl's father, who was absent and seen near the crime scene, became a suspect in the case.

Using a combination of technical surveillance and human intelligence, authorities eventually located the 46-year-old suspect. A senior officer mentioned that the suspect had plans to escape to Bihar but was apprehended within 12 hours of the murder being reported.

Special Commissioner Ravindra Yadav praised the investigative team for swiftly resolving the case. He mentioned that a chargesheet would be filed as soon as possible.

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