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Dushyant Chautala Demands Floor Test As BJP Loses Support From 3 Independents

With the government teetering on a minority, Chautala emphasized the need for a No Confidence Motion, affirming JJP's support for it.
12:59 PM May 09, 2024 IST | Aniket Raj
dushyant chautala demands floor test as bjp loses support from 3 independents
Dushyant Chautala ex-Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana

Dushyant Chautala, the ex-Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana and a BJP ally, has requested the Governor to organize a floor test in the state assembly. This action follows political turmoil triggered by the withdrawal of support by three independent MLAs and increasing strains within the ruling BJP coalition.

In a letter directed to Haryana Governor Bandaru Dattatreya, Mr. Chautala expressed that recent resignations and withdrawals of support have pushed the ruling BJP alliance dangerously close to a minority status.

Mr. Chautala urged the Governor to direct the appropriate authority to immediately call for a floor test to determine the majority of the government.

The demand for a floor test arises from the recent defection of three Independent MLAs from the BJP faction to the Congress faction. On Tuesday, MLAs Sombir Sangwan (representing Dadri), Randhir Singh Gollen (from Pundri), and Dharampal Gonder (of Nilokheri) announced their decision to withdraw support for the BJP government during a press conference held in Rohtak. They were accompanied by Bhupinder Singh Hooda, the Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly, and Udai Bhan, the state Congress chief.

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Mr. Chautala, the leader of the Jannayak Janta Party (JJP), formerly allied with the BJP, was straightforward in indicating his party's readiness to support an alternative government, hinting at a possible alliance with the Congress.

Mr. Chautala explained that the government formed just two months ago is now in a minority position due to resignations and withdrawals of support. He noted that two supporting MLAs, one from the BJP and one Independent, have resigned, while three Independent MLAs have withdrawn their support and communicated this to the Governor. Mr. Chautala stated that the JJP is clear in its stance: if a No Confidence Motion is initiated against this government, they will support it.

Mr. Chautala also mentioned that they had informed the Governor about the situation. He emphasized that it's now the Congress's responsibility to take the necessary steps for a Floor Test. He added that the Governor has the authority to order a Floor Test to determine the government's strength, and if it's found lacking majority, President's Rule should be implemented in the state.

Currently, the Haryana Assembly, comprising 90 seats, has 88 members, with the majority mark set at 45. The BJP holds 40 MLAs, backed by three out of six independent candidates, falling short of two MLAs to reach the majority mark. The Congress party has 30 MLAs, with its count further bolstered by three independent candidates. If the JJP extends its support, the Congress's tally would increase to 43 MLAs. This leaves two MLAs unaligned - one from the Haryana Lokhit Party and the other from the INLD.

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