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EXCLUSIVE| Will Sunita Kejriwal Lead After Arvind? Bhagwant Mann Answers

Will the party break or find a substitute in Sunita Kejriwal? What is AAP thinking? Is running govt from behind bars constitutional? Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann answers all these questions exclusively on News24.
09:30 PM Apr 20, 2024 IST | Riwa Singh
exclusive  will sunita kejriwal lead after arvind  bhagwant mann answers
Bhagwant Mann exclusively with Anurradha Prasad

The first phase of the Lok Sabha elections is over. Political parties have put in blood, sweat and tears to make it to the maximum number of constituencies and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) isn't an exception. However, the chief of this party, Arvind Kejriwal is behind bars. What is AAP thinking? What are the plans of the INDI alliance? Will the party break or find a substitute? Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann speaks on all such issues with editor-in-chief Anurradha Prasad exclusively on News24.

The list of star campaigners has Sunita Kejriwal in the second place and Bhagwant Mann's name in the third place, does it mean Sunita is going to lead the party? Particularly the Delhi government? Mann said the list wasn't on a rank basis but just a serial numbering. Speaking on who after Kejriwal in the capital, he said that Arvind is capable of running the govt from wherever he is and now the party is stronger and united than ever. Sharing a story of creating an office in Tihar jail, Mann hinted at getting an office for Delhi CM in the prison.

In his emotional video that went viral after he met Kejriwal, Mann said that there was a glass ceiling in between and we both conversed via intercom which was a very saddening experience. Only terrorists get such treatment.

Is Bhagwant just a travel companion for Arvind or more than that? Mann said the whole party is like a family and they're closely knitted. Sharing an anecdote, he mentioned that while performing a wedding ritual where parents or elder brother is required, because he (Mann) lost his father a few years back, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal performed it as an elder brother. Harshita Kejriwal campaigned for Punjab for her chachu Bhagwant.

Hitting the BJP govt at centre, the Punjab CM said that they know how to divide and rule. Politicians who are labeled and held for scams in other political parties become clean and honest when they join the BJP.

Raising questions on a fair counting procedure of votes citing the mayor elections of Punjab, CM Mann asked those who didn't let fairly counting of 36 votes in Punjab, will they let it happen for 92 crore votes on June 4? This is worrisome. If they win by public mandate, we welcome that but what if they repeat what they did in the Punjab mayor polls?

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