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Exit Polls 2024: Setback For BJP In Rajasthan! Figures Might CHANGE!

Is Rajasthan going to follow the ritual of clean sweep again or will there be a change for a change? Read what do the exit polls have to say.
07:47 PM Jun 01, 2024 IST | Riwa Singh
exit polls 2024  setback for bjp in rajasthan  figures might change
Exit Polls for Rajasthan

Exit Polls 2024: The most clean-sweeping results that the BJP bagged in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections was in Rajasthan where the saffron brigade grabbed all 25 constituencies and the Congress party was limited to zero. Will the ritual be repeated?

Axis-My India

As per their prediction, the BJP might face a setback in these elections as the Congress party seems to be penetrating the saffron fort. The saffron party is getting 16-19 seats and INDI alliance might end up grabbing 5-6 seats

Rajasthan has always seen anti-incumbency when it comes to the assembly seats but this is Lok Sabha and the game is always very different here.

News24-Today's Chanakya

Their analysis has given the BJP 22 seats and the INDI alliance 3 seats out of a total of 25 seats. It suggests that it might not be a bed of roses for the ruling party this time.


BJP (NDA) should be bagging 21-23 seats whereas the INDI alliance might end up getting 2-4 seats.

The results of the Lok Sabha elections are to be announced on June 4.

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