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Hopeless farmers throw away apples into river in peak season; Watch video

10:55 AM Jul 31, 2023 IST | Pranjal Gupta
hopeless farmers throw away apples into river in peak season  watch video

New Delhi: Farmers in Himachal Pradesh are choosing to throw away apples a time when the fruit's season is at peak. A video of the same is taking round on the internet showing the apple growers overturning their crops into river as they fear that the stock may rot.

Recently, Himachal Pradesh witnessed heavy rains in the state that has hamepred the daily lives of locals. Not just that but many vulnerable areas with possible danger have been restricted to go nearby due to flood-like situation there.

Owing to which, applegrowers are unable to transport their harvest to the market for sale that has caused stress among farmers. A huge stock of apple is ready to be sold, which now seems impossible to farmers so they resorted to wash away their harvest.

The video showed a man emptying a number of containers into the river.

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BJP Blames Congress-led govt in Himachal Pradesh 

Meanwhile, a political row over the matter has errupted with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) IT Cell head Amit Malviya launching an attack at Congress-led Himachal government.

Malviya held Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu accountable for being incapable of helping farmers to reach their produce to the market in time. He also cornered former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and said that the latter shaded fake tears on farmer's ordeal.

"On the one hand Rahul Gandhi sheds tears for farmers, on the other, Congress state Govts are a disaster, when it comes to assisting farmers," wrote Malviya in his tweet.

He further alleged that the prices of vegetables and fruits are high in the market as government is not helping farmers to transport the crops at market.

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