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Humanity Ashamed! Dog Walker Constantly Hits Golden Retriever Inside Lift In Gurugram | WATCH

Disturbing footage of a dog walker viciously abusing a golden retriever inside an elevator was captured by security cameras at a Gurugram apartment complex. The incident, reported to have occurred on May 9th, occurred at Orchid Gardens Society, Suncity in Sector 54.
03:59 PM May 14, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
humanity ashamed  dog walker constantly hits golden retriever inside lift in gurugram   watch

Security cameras at a Gurugram apartment complex captured disturbing footage of a dog walker viciously abusing a golden retriever inside an elevator. The incident, which reportedly occurred on May 9th, took place at Orchid Gardens Society, Suncity in Sector 54.

The video depicts the man, believed to be a dog walker, repeatedly striking the dog with a litter scooper. The abuse persists as the man restrains the dog and hits its head.

Sharing the CCTV footage, Vidit Sharma wrote on X, "It's disturbing to witness the increasing cases of animal cruelty with minimal attention from mainstream media. Ignoring such acts only fosters aggression in our furry friends. It's time to speak up and take action to protect both human and animal well-being."

Vidit Sharma, who shared the video, also disclosed identifying details about the dog walker. Fortunately, the dog's owners were reportedly notified and are taking necessary steps to address this abuse.

The alarming video has stirred up anger on social media.

One user questioned, "Has he been arrested? Why do people hire incompetent walkers? For goodness' sake, take care of your own pet." Another user expressed, "I feel so sorry for the poor dog. Every strike just shatters my heart. How cruel."

A third user demanded, "Authorities must take action against this person who may be committing these acts for some twisted sense of enjoyment."

Significantly, society removed the dog walker after the CCTV footage went viral.

Previously, online outrage erupted following the emergence of a disturbing video from a Thane pet clinic in Maharashtra. The footage depicted two employees mercilessly assaulting a Chow Chow dog. The men were recorded repeatedly punching the defenseless animal in the face, with one even filming the cruelty.

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