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Jain Community In Old Delhi Disguises As Muslims To Rescue 124 Goats From Bakrid Sacrifice

The Jain community in Delhi gathered Rs 15 lakh and disguised themselves as Muslims in Old Delhi markets. Through rigorous negotiations, they purchased 124 goats, which are now housed at the renowned temple in Chandni Chowk.
04:36 PM Jun 18, 2024 IST | Swechchha
jain community in old delhi disguises as muslims to rescue 124 goats from bakrid sacrifice
Jain community save 120 goats on Bakrid

In a courtyard near Jama Masjid, hundreds of goats surrounded Vivek Jain, a 30-year-old chartered accountant who had raised Rs 15 lakh to rescue 124 goats from slaughter during Eid al-Adha (Bakrid). He was now playing mantras through a speaker to soothe the animals.

"This Jain mantra is potent in promoting peace and positivity. These goats are fearful, believing they were gathered for slaughter. They are unaware that we have provided them with a new chance at life," he explained, reacting as a goat nudged him with its bleat.

The Naya Jain Mandir in the Dharampur area hummed with an energy akin to the lively goat markets before Eid. However, the focus here was on rescuing goats from slaughter. For Jains residing in Chandni Chowk, it became a day of goat darshan, with visitors flocking to the temple to observe the bleating animals. Some contributed funds for their feed, others affectionately petted them, and some extolled the virtues of their faith.

"We take immense pride in our achievement. It is the collective contribution of our community members nationwide that has made this possible. This act exemplifies our commitment to social welfare, a core teaching of our religion. For the Jain community in Chandni Chowk, this marks a historic milestone. This initial effort paves the way for future endeavors," Jain remarked, guiding visitors to the courtyard for goat darshan.

Plan Of Action

"It began with a phone call from our guru Sanjeev," recounted 28-year-old Chirag Jain. Sanjeev expressed dismay over the slaughter of goats during Eid.

"He was determined to take action, and that's when we decided that although we couldn't save all the goats, we should rescue as many as possible," Chirag explained.

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Soon after, a detailed plan was devised. On the evening of June 15th, a team of 25 individuals from the Jain community was assembled. A WhatsApp message requesting financial support was circulated, followed by a reconnaissance mission to locate areas where goats were being sold.

"We posed as members of their [Muslim] community and inquired about goat prices. We also conducted surveys of the goat markets," explained Chirag, with others in the room nodding in agreement.

The purchasing process required rigorous negotiation, eventually securing the goats at an average price of Rs 10,000 each. However, Vivek was dismayed by the treatment and sales conditions observed at the mandis in Old Delhi.

"Ultimately, we succeeded in rescuing more than 100 goats. It was an exhilarating moment," Vivek smiled.

Social Media Contribution

A message was circulated across WhatsApp and Facebook groups appealing, "Please contribute to this noble cause so that we can save animals from slaughter. These goats will be sent to Jain-run cow shelters and goat shelters."

Vivek confessed he never anticipated being able to purchase even four goats. However, their plea resonated widely, prompting a flood of donations that enabled them to raise Rs 15 lakh within a day.

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